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Treadmills and Books
[Misc] Flowers
I'm sort of on the verge of coming down with something, so I've been pretty draggy. Today, I actually thought I had slept all day because it looked like twilight when I woke up. Fortunately, though, it was just really rainy and overcast right now and it was only two.

I've really got to work on getting a better wake up time, specifically a more regular one. This has actually been a long term goal of mine for ages, but I think I need to work on taking it more seriously this year. After all, a year from now, I'll have a full time job that will involve getting up five days a week, which means that I can't get up on Monday mornings at 6AM (after a couple of hours of sleep), go until midnight Monday evening, and then sleep late Tuesday to wake up for it. So this is something I'm really going to focus on improving this year.

I'm also working on improving exercise. In the past, I think that I've tended to get very all or nothing, especially when dealing with trainers who have the attitude that not only should working out be a priority (it should), but that it should be my only priority and that it's not acceptable to want to slack off a bit. At one point, I was okay with that and no problem at all either getting up for 6AM workouts or else carving out plenty of time to do this or that. Priorities change, though.

Still, I think I can reset my mind. But while I do realize that the ideal workout should include flexibility, strength, and cardio and that I should be working out six days a week for at least an hour... well, that's the goal but reality falls short. Right now, my goal is to hit the gym three times a week and walk on the treadmill for 35 minutes (5 warm up, 25 in my target zone, and 5 cooldown). I'm out of shape enough that it's actually a bit challenging (which really bothers me), but I'll get it back. After that, I'll work on expanding.

Also, at least initially, I'm still thinking hard on adding Pilates and yoga, rather than lifting weights. I'd like to work in weights later, of course. Plus, I'm pretty lucky in that a lot of the activities I'm interested in doing for fun are also very, well, active.

Thus ends my long ramble about exercise.

Today, I finished reading Moloka'i. Moloka'i was the name of the Hawaiian leper colony. (Apparently, as with many other diseases and other groups of indigenous people, native Hawaiians were very susceptible to leprosy or Hansen's disease, so their government passed some pretty draconian laws to protect the general population.) I suppose that you could describe it as being about a girl who was diagnosed with the disease at 6, taken from her family to a hospital, and was sent to Moloka'i at 7, but I don't think that's strictly accurate. I think you could say that it's the story of the life of a woman who happened to be diagnosed with the disease as a child and spent a good portion of her life there. Also, since the book takes place between 1891 and 1970, it also includes a lot of significant events in American history. I think it was interesting to see what "major" events really affected them and what were given either a passing mention or weren't even noticed.

In short, I loved it. I'm planning to read some of Alan Brennert's other books, too.

One thing I plan to do is to keep up with the books I read more in my LJ. Books are a pretty big part of my life and I feel that my journal doesn't really reflect that properly. Of course, it really doesn't reflect that anything besides law school is an important part of my life, at least, not judging by the tags.

But I'm so not opening that can of worms tonight. I have four more days of relative freedom (I have to get my reading assignments done), so why waste it wringing my hands about law school?

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On exercise, it's much better to start out with a little and slowly build up than to start all gung-ho about what you think you "should" be doing and burn out and quit early on. ;) Good on you for getting started!

Personally, I hate treadmills. I've never felt like I could get a decent workout on it. The speeds freak me out. But give me an elliptical or a stairclimber and I'm happy. :)

Thanks! Although I worry that I picked the absolute worst time to get started, since classes start Monday. But then, I think any time will be the absolute worst time in one way or another. Plus, I think I've figured out how to work in a workout between/after classes on Mondays and Wednesdays.

I generally prefer the elliptical. Lately, though, I have an inflamed nerve in my foot and it's caused by putting too much pressure on the ball of the foot. I think the treadmill prevents that a bit, so that what I'm working on for now.

I'm pretty much with dreagoddess all the way. The time I was really on track with my weight loss, I started slow and worked up and up, then something threw me. But I plan to use the same strategy.:)

I also hate treadmills. But... I guess it's just me, and I feel if I'm gonna walk, I wanna do it outside.XD
I'm really happy with either the stairclimber, elliptical, or stationary bike(though the first two are usually occupied by anemic sorority girls who don't even need to be working out THAT long).

Pilates sound... painful. Mainly because I've done em before, haha. I bet you have too. I've never tried yoga though, I just don't know what exactly it all entails... maybe I'll actually join a yoga club this year or something, they usually have flyers for that...

I miss reading for fun. I know it's a habit I only got back recently, but now if I'm reading I feel I HAVE to read Harry Potter which might've been more fun if I wasn't stressed about not being prepped, haha.D:

Treadmills do seem to be a lot less popular than the ellipticals. I'm not that big on stairclimbers, though.

I want to work on actual machines with Pilates, but they are pretty tough. You should try the yoga, it has a lot of health benefits and can not only improve stress and flexibility, but does a bit with strength.

I know the feeling on feeling like you should be reading/doing something else and unable to enjoy anything because of it.  But you really need to just settle down and get to reading those books...maybe while you don't have internet. Hopefully you'll get into them again, but even if you don't, they'll still be off the table.

I should probably reread the series so we can talk about it, too.

The reason being, the treadmill I think is what people see as "un-fancy" and therefore "ineffective". It IS effective, but people generally assume on stationary bikes and treadmills that they suck. My chick friends who went to the gym... oh, what... twice a semester, tried to lecture me on how I was "doing my cardio all wrong" on a stationary bike(I had lost 60 pounds so far doing nothing but riding an old stationary bike at home).:P

Dude, I think the pilates I did were bad, too. You had to use your own body strength to maintain these positions, mainly involving using your arms to support almost all your body weight. HURT. I might try it, but honestly, it comes down to two things: time and money. If I feel the class costs too much, I won't do it, and it also depends on when it meets.

I know. But I am a procrastinator, always have been, always will be. I'll probably get it done by the 31st, but it's just a trend I have for some reason. I'll be bored out of my head without internet(no XBox 1 vs. 100 trivia, no random web browsing) so I'll read a lot next week. And once I get sucked into a book, I can't put them down. I think I will get into it again for the simple fact of I really remember liking it, but the 4th book was so draggy and uninteresting to me I kicked it after that.

Only if you have time. I mean, you have textbooks to read, right? :P Plus, that's time that could be spent on your goal books list.

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