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[Misc] Flowers
My internet is acting up, so I'm posting this on my phone. This could make for some interesting typos.

So. Classes start Monday and I'm making a bit of headway. I texted Jeannine to make sure we were lockering together (We are.) and I called Alley's daycare to make sure they could take her (They can.). As soon was I do my reading (I will!), I'm set. I also called about Pilates, but got their voicemail. I left a message, so I'm waiting for a call back.

I had to take Mom to the doctor today, so I did a bit of shopping today. In addition to a mortar and pestle from Williams-Sonoma, the big stop was Sephora. (What addiction?) I'm actually thinking of
Posting comments on what I bought tomorrow.

We stopped by CCU to drop off a nice throw and comfy pillow I bought for my aunt to use. I remember from personal experience how uncomfortable those chairs can be. She was really happy to get them. Apparently, even though the hospital provides several pillows and blankets for families, another family claimed ALL of them by virtue of the fact that "we were using them first.". How obnoxious is that, to not even share one or two of several?

As far as my uncle, there's no change. We're going to head over tomorrow, after I work out and head to the library to get some reading done for Monday.