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No Internet
[Misc] Flowers
So, is it sad that most fun I've is hanging out in the CCU? The good part about having a big family is that when someone gets sick, everyone is there. Right now, I'm sitting in the CCU with three cousins and my Mom. My aunt and another cousin and his wife are getting food.

No change on my uncle. It sounds like he's getting a little better, though. It's hard to tell.

My internet has completely died, which is a huge pain. I'm actually using the hospital's wifi to type this. Isn't that nice? I won't really have it tomorrow, but I'll have it when I get to my apartment and school on Monday. After Wednesday, I'll be without it but HOPEFULLY I can get someone there to fix it at the end of the week. At least there's a lot of free wifi around.

Nothing major has happened. I made it to the gym today, which meant that I met my goal of three times per week on the treadmill. (Time wise, I came up four minutes short, because I could only get 31 minutes in before the gym closed.) No word on pilates, but I think I'm going to email them. If they try to return my call on Monday, then I'll be in class most of the day and nothing will get done.

Tomorrow's my last day of freedom for a while and I'm dreading going back, especially since I'm really far behind on several things. Well, not behind so much as not started... It will be okay, though.