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Things Are Going Great
[Misc] Flowers
Okay, the big events today were Pilates, knitting, and the mall. All three went well.

First, this is like my sixth session of Pilates. I'm doing one-on-one sessions. The studio requires it for new students to learn the basics and I really do see myself continuing on for at least a while, because the one-one-one is working wonderfully for me. Fitness-wise, I'm really not where I'd like to be, but I feel like I'm making more progress than I have in a long time. I'm also lifting weights at the gym. I've noticed a lot less joint pain from the hypermobility and I'm looser. As I was coming home from knitting tonight, I realized that for once, my shoulders weren't up around my ears. Pilates is great because it works on alignment and stretching, both of which I need. If anyone has the chance to do real Pilates, I firmly recommend it.

Second, mall. There was a CD stuck in my Macbook, so I had to go to the Apple Store to get it fixed. (It's fixed. There were actually two CD, who knew?) I've been wanting a Speck Satin cover for my Macbook in purple for a LONG time, but I never could fine one. While I was waiting for the guy to fix my computer, I was browsing. There weren't any purple ones out, but I asked one of the sales people about availability and turns out there was one in the back! I now have a purple Macbook Pro and I love it! (Although I'd really like to know what the extra pieces were for...)

And it's a really NICE mall. In addition to the usual mall stuff that I know and love (Sephora, Godiva chocolatier, etc), there were several other cool stores I wanted to check out. I found a tea store called Teavana, which was amazing. I bought a new teacup/strainer combo, plus a new tea thermos (I really needed it because it had a strainer in it!). They had a couple of nice bone china thermoses, but I was worried about breaking them. I need to go back there and buy lots of stuff.

Finally, I went to my knitting class. I finished off my scarf and started a new one, plus worked on crocheting a bit. There's really no major news there, but still cool.