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Twitter and Sickness
[Misc] Flowers
Figures I'd put the two of these together, right? :-)

On a personal front, I'm hovering between the sick and not sick realm. I really think that the two nights with twelve hours of sleep have tipped the balance, so we'll see what happens Monday. I also have the earliest midterm in the history of midterms on Monday in International Law. I also have no idea really what's going on in that class, so this should be interesting...

I missed Litigation Tech and a Pilates session today. I really feel more guilty about the Pilates, because I couldn't reach the instructor and had to leave a message at the studio, which meant that she had to drive there and get it. On the other hand, I had a low grade fever and I'm fairly sure that she wouldn't have wanted to do the session with me sick, even if I could have handled it.

Twitter is...eh. I already grabbed a Twitter account under my real name and I'm planning on getting it up and running soon. I don't really care for Twitter, even though I use it sometimes. I think that if used correctly, it's probably very useful in some cases. Anyway, I'm planning to follow a few law related Twitter feeds, in addition to the Economist and a couple of others. I really want to see how it's done when it's done properly.

And I've also basically turned into a stalker. I know that personal sites, blogs, and the like are extremely useful professional tools. Right now, I'm looking at what various lawyers have done to figure out what I want to do...and again, to figure out what I DON'T want to do. I really feel that the latter may very well be as important as the former.