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October is...
[Misc] Flowers
I have decided to declare October as my own personal breakfast month. I don't eat breakfast most days and while I'm working on it (and making some progress), I've decided to really commit to it for 31 days. The fact that October is my birth month is a bit of a factor, since I'd love to start new year of my life on the strong note of eating breakfast every day. If this works, November will be Lunch Month with December either Snack Month or Dinner Month. Or maybe "Who In Their Right Mind Tries to Fix Their Eating Habits Over the Holidays" Month. Or possibly splitting the difference and making it "Just Because It's a Holiday Food and Only Available Once a Year Doesn't Mean You Really Have to Eat It Every Chance You Get" Month. Yeah, the last one seems to be a good compromise, since there are some really amazing foods out for the holidays.

So, yeah. My goal will be to eat breakfast 75% of the time, which comes out to 24 days (rounding up). I need to further refine what constitutes "breakfast" and come up with a few ideas for meals, but I really think it could work.

Anyone care to join me?

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The breakfast club.

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