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It's Been a Month....
[Misc] Flowers
It's been a month since my last journal entry. It's just been a busy time, combined with low grade sickness (nothing major, but I missed a couple of classes and I'm still coughing). I just feel like I've really fallen out of a lot of things and I want to get back on track. So, back to regular journals.

I've been missing Pilates, so that sucks. I have an appointment for next Tuesday. I've also been skipping workouts, so back to the gym. Plus, I need to get into swimming.

Knitting is going great. I've finished a hat and two scarves and I have one about 95% done. I've also crocheted a hat. More on that later, but it's going well.

I missed the Howliday last week, which sort of sucks but Becky says I didn't miss anything major.

So, a couple of stories from today.

First, in Remedies, the professor asked a question. Basically, if she built a house and the contract specified blue tile but the contractor used red tile, if the mistake didn't affect market value but would cost $25K to fix, would she have to pay? After a long period of silence, I answered that she wouldn't, but I was having a bit of trouble giving a reason. So she asked other members of my "firm" (group) and basically everyone in the class was like NO, she's wrong. After about fifteen minutes of that, I was feeling pretty lousy and had pretty much decided to never talk again. I hate being wrong and feeling stupid. The kicker? After class, she comes back and sits down beside me while I'm gathering up my stuff and tells me "By the way, you were right, but I just didn't want to let you go on because I wouldn't have been able to bring up the points I needed to get brought out." Then she said something like my instincts were good, but I lacked confidence and needed to build up my vocabulary, etc...

I still think I'd rather been wrong and looked right in front of the rest of the class.

In International Law, three people missed class (including me) when an assignment was made, so the professor passed around three handouts. For whatever reason, two guys who had been there kept them. I don't know if they weren't listening or what, but one of my classmates who had also missed raised his hand and said "Professor, the handouts weren't passed properly because some people kept them and the people who were supposed to get them don't have them." Still no response from the idiots. Grr.... They should have already had a copy of the sheets, so I just think that they weren't listening, which sucks.

I also went to a pro se divorce clinic training session during lunch. I plan to volunteer at a couple of those this fall and maybe in the spring. I'm also going to go to a meeting about tax prep for low income people on Monday.

I'm having trouble working my schedule out, though. i only need twelve hours next spring, including Crim Pro and a drafting class. Crim Pro is a Tuesday/Thursday class and I'm looking at taking Contract Drafting for my drafting course. That's going to put me in class from 9 through 11:45 on Tuesday. I really want to take an Intellectual Property course, which is offered on Wednesday at 6:30. My question now is whether to add UCC: Payment systems at 1:15 on Tues/Thurs, giving me a day that runs from 9-1:15 on Tuesday/Thursday and one evening class on Wednesdays or whether I should go ahead and take Entertainment Law on Mon/Wed at 9:00, which means I'd have on class on Monday, class from 9:00 through 11:45 on T/H and then an evening class on Wednesday.

I have a few days to decide, but I need to do something soon.