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I'm Lazy!!!
[Misc] Flowers
Today, I didn't even get out of my pajamas! I slept late and then got up and watched some Supernatural (since it's Halloween). I also lit the candles in the living room and set up a Halloween candle display in the sunroom. No trick or treaters today (that was yesterday), so I'm just enjoying a nice night.

I also watched NCIS, since I was two episodes behind. How much does that show rock? Now I'm getting ready to watch Bones and then I'm not sure where the night will go. I'm pretty sure tomorrow will have to involve studying, though.

Oh, and I started a new scarf tonight and flipped through the book of teddy bears that I bought.

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OMG NCIS!!! My boyfriend got me hooked onto that and the LA version that just started to air this season. :) Nice to make your acquaintance via Mission 101 for 2009, btw!

I haven't started watching the LA one yet. It looks good, but my schedule has been horrible and I'm behind on the ones I'm already watching. I'll probably catch up with it in either reruns or on DVD.

And nice to meet you, too. :-D

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