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Virtual Friday
[Misc] Flowers
That's what a classmate referred to Thursday as last year, since we only had classes four days a week. Since my classes are only on Monday and Wednesday, I think Wednesday is my virtual Friday.

Anyway, I'm not feeling well today. I'm not outright sick (the five hour nap I took today, plus my Advil and Robitussin helped solve that), but I don't know what's going to happen. It really seems like I've been getting everything coming and going....which honestly worries me.

Tuesday was middle of the road. After a late night, between the sun in the windows and the smell of chili from a nearby restaurant, I ended up pretty close to a migraine and had to leave knitting early. I did finish a scarf I was working on for Mom and started a really cute bunny.

I also had to rush home to register, since it started at 9AM for students with 58+ hours. So, after going through the hassle of the new system and double-checking to make sure I would have everything I needed to graduate, I got a lovely email (or series of emails) from the Dean of Academics explaining that registration was void because of a problem with the website and everyone would have to reregister on a new date to be announced and (the kicker) it was just completely unforeseeable.

Really? For a university with a population of thousands (all of whom will register for classes starting tomorrow), the registration system falls apart when approximately 200 try to register? Maybe 250? Seriously? Students registering for classes on the registration website during registration period.... they couldn't see that coming?

That concludes my sarcasm. The rest of Tuesday involved going to my favorite tea house for lunch and to pick up a tea pot I needed and just running some errands. It was really good to get that out of the way.

I finished A Handmaid's Tale last night. I actually enjoyed and I bought another book by Margaret Atwood today. If anyone is interested in an in depth discussion of it, I'll be happy to post my thoughts on it.

Class today. Tax was cancelled, so I went home for a nap. I was too tired to bring myself to get up for International Law and Comm Law, which was not good. I've really got to get things under control. I have two projects due next week. They're not huge, but they need some attention.

I picked up some cross stitch stuff from Michaels and I also bought Band Hero and Lips. I love games like that, however said it makes me, and if anyone has them and wants to play sometime, I'd love it.