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[Misc] Flowers
I did something today that I've meant to do for probably a year now: I packed a bento.

The bottom level is rice, of course. The top level consists of soy sauce egg, carrot kinpira, and steamed broccoli tossed with olive oil and red pepper.

I packed everything last night and so when I went to my pro bono tax meeting at noon, I had a nice tasty lunch. At 400 ml, it's a bit smaller than what's recommended for me, so I brought some fruit to supplement it. Honestly, though, I was full after eating it...even though I did eat some apple slices a few minutes ago because I didn't want them to go to waste.

Bento is really great for me now, because the student union is overpriced, overcrowded, and has very poor quality food. As you can tell, I'm a bit excited about it!
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I heart bentos! Yours looks so good! I like doing non-traditional bentos too. Once I made one with a salad in the bottom and filled the top half with pulled pork and mashed potatoes. It was delicious.

If you need more bentos let me know. There's a Japanese store up here called Daiso where everything (with a few exceptions) is $2 and they sell Bento boxes and accessories. I wouldn't mind picking up a few for you, if you'd like. I think I'm up to 6 bento boxes now, with matching cups, carry bags, napkins and utensils. :D Plus I've got a big collection of dividers and sauce containers and things. https://www.daisojapan.com/c-407-obento.aspx

Careful, I may take you up on that. :-D I've heard great things about Daiso.

What I love about bentos isn't so much the Japanese food, but the portion sizes, so I can totally see myself doing non-traditional ones. For me, a beno box is more than enough food. I have the FIt & Fresh lunchbox (http://www.fit-fresh.com/products/transportation/lunchonthego.php) which is like a bento in theory, but it's so huge! I guess you'd pack it a little differently than a bento, but it's still too much food. I've thought about using it to pack a meal for lunch in the bottom and then two snacks in the top two portions, but... eh. Maybe the kid ones?

I still think it underscores the fact that part of the reason a lot of Americans have a weight problem is portion distortion.

That's really beautiful.

My problem with bento is I have the creativity to make pretty lunches, but I despise the effort involved in preparing it to make pretty things out of it. The only time I cook to great effort is Thanksgiving and Christmas -- because I come home so exhausted that usually a bowl of cereal is all I have tne energy for.

But that's me, and this isn't about me. Yours looks lovely and you should be proud of it.

Oh, I took major shortcuts on it and I discarded several things because they were just too involved to make. I look at some of the really elaborate, cute ones and I'm like "Yeah, that's adorable and it would be nice to have, but way too much effort."

If you had the time and inclination, though, I'll bet you'd make some amazing lunches. You definitely have the creativity for it.

I never cook after a long day, either. I'm usually just too tired to do anything besides crash. Tonight it was grab pizza and watch Nana. :-)

But thank you. I'm definitely proud of it and I really hope I can keep doing it.

That looks awesome >_> It would be a good idea for me to try something like that, however as you notice there's a lackage of any place I can get bento stuff. So of course I'll just continue my normal diet of eating whatever I guess. Though exactly how big is the Rice box? Definately seems like a good way to fill up without as many calories or having to go the way of fast food.

I ended up getting mine from Amazon, for the reasons you mentioned. I'm looking at a couple of other sources, too, but you're right, not much actual bento stuff here. Just Hungry has a great list of alternate bento stuff here: http://justbento.com/handbook/bento-basics/selecting-right-bento-lunch-box

The bottom holds a cup of rice, which I think is more than enough. I took a bento again today using leftover Chinese food, but I had to cook more rice (separate rant). I would really look into doing it!

But of course, leftover rice is never very good. >_<; And I'm attempting to read the link and talk at the same time XD But I'm going to look into finding one because it would probably be a good idea for dieting and just generally eating right, so I'll definately read the site. >_> And Leftover Chinese food sounds really good right now. rofl

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