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Monday Munchies
[Misc] Flowers
I promise that this won't be a regular thing and I won't be spamming you guys with every lunch I make. In fact, I plan to start a food blog, but until then:

The bottom layer is brown rice and stir fried red, yellow, and orange bell peppers. I used a medium grain brown rice that I bought for stir fried rice (short grained is too sticky for that) and it was a bit dry for bento purposes. I plan to get some short grained brown rice this week and I'll be using that. I like brown rice as well or better than white rice, so why not go for the more healthy one? The stir fried peppers were an impulse buy, since the store had some nice ones on sale. I grabbed one of each color and used a recipe from Breath of a Wok originally for red peppers. The color is great.

The top layer is carrot kinpira with some broccoli mixed in (I love that stuff), roasted broccoli with olive oil and garlic, part of a tamagoyaki (note to self: next time, use all of a two egg tamagoyaki instead of part of a four egg one). As you can see, it's pretty crowded because the tamagoyaki was too big and the last minute addition of the peppers. I'm debating getting a slightly bigger box, even though this one was more than adequate for my appetite. Plus, I really like eating smaller meals every three hours, so that lends itself well to it.

As sad as it sounds, on days like today, my bento is really the high point.

In other news, I am absolutely exhausted and the day is only going to get worse. I had a Tax Court Petition Letter due today, in addition to an International Law brief, plus I agreed to write up the decision for our group from the arbitration we listened to on Monday. If you want details, ask. It's sort of interesting.

Anyway, I only have class today and I need to take Mom into her doctor for labs tomorrow, so basically after getting less than three hours of sleep, I left the house around 6:30 and will be in class until 9, at which point I'll make the two and a half hour drive back to my parents, getting home around midnight. I'm weighing the pros and cons of taking a nap during my four hour break after class. Pros: I'm really sleepy and my bed is comfortable. Con: It's going to be really hard getting up and I need to figure out something for dinner.

I got the intranasal H1N1 Vaccine during lunch. Hopefully, I won't have any side effects and if I do, I have time off and I can deal with extra fatigue.

So, that's my day so far. I have about eight hours to go, so cross your fingers for me!

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I really think you should grab that nap and pick up something easy and take-out for dinner. I don't like the idea of you driving home at 9 PM on 3 hour of sleep.^^;;

I wanna ask about your arbitration-y thing. Tell me about it sometime!

PSS: The title of this entry made me chuckle. It sounds like a stoner title!:D

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