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Writer's Block: Hard habit to break
[Misc] Flowers
Do you have any bad habits that negatively impact your life? Are you trying to overcome them or have you learned to live with them? How do they affect you on a daily basis?

Interesting timing on this question, since I've been researching sleep disorders. I don't think this really qualifies as a bad habit, but it's definitely a huge problem.

Basically, I have trouble going to bed at night and getting up in the morning. Frankly, my idea sleep schedule is to go to sleep between about 4 to 6AM and wake somewhere between noon and 2PM. I really am starting to think that I have a sleep disorder. Currently, I'm working on a few techniques to overcome it, but if they don't work, I think I may try seeing a specialist.

As for how it affects me, quite a bit. Especially negatively. So much stuff happens during the day that it's hard to work around it. It means that I'm constantly fighting to meet a "normal" schedule. It wasn't as bad in high school or as a child, mainly because I had a very strict sleep/wake schedule, so that kept me on track. Starting in undergrad, though, I had problems because I had more flexibility in my schedule which meant that I gradually started drifting toward a more comfortable sleep schedule for me. I've had chronic tardiness problems, in addition to missing classes because I was just that tired or waking up to cancel an appointment because I just couldn't make it that early (the crack of noon).

I'm obviously trying to overcome it, since it's going to make keeping a 9 to 5 work schedule hard if not impossible. Beyond that, my coping mechanisms are mainly to deal with that fact that I'm getting less sleep (three hours is a good night sometimes) by either grabbing a nap in the afternoon or else sleeping a lot on weekends. Obviously, they're not good ones and I think my grades suffered a bit last semester by the fact that I couldn't even sleep the night before two finals, despite trying.

Overall, it really sucks.