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Ban Hammering at 9AM
[Misc] Flowers
Two days in a row. They say 21 days and it's a habit, so 19 more to go, right?

I had to go to the stupid make up lecture today, but the positive was that it was at noon, an hour later than yoga. That meant I got to sleep in until eleven-ish. (In my defense, I got about two hours of sleep Tuesday night. I was too tired to even try to watch Case Closed or read my new manga of it.) Unfortunately, they were apparently doing work on one of the apartments today, so I woke up at 9 AM to the sound of hammering. The smart thing to do would have been to get up and work on something. Unfortunately, I was awake enough to be annoyed about the noise, but still out of it enough to where getting up sounded like a bad idea. So I basically wasted two hours lying in bed trying to sleep.

The lecture was okay. Unfortunately, I asked the professor after whether the class would cancel my miss. She wouldn't give me a straight answer. She was just "It will be counted in." I wouldn't be as upset, but I missed due to weather AND I'm attended a class I didn't have to, so why not count it for me?

I got to yoga and Gina, the yoga teacher, had had vertigo, so she didn't feel like doing anything. So, instead of having a class, we just hung out and talked for two hours. Still fun.

After, I went to (wait for it) Essencha to study. I managed to get through my required reading for Intellectual Property, but I didn't get anything else because I was to....something. Not sure what. Tired? Burn out? Past caring? All the above? I'm totally unprepared for tomorrow, but I'm too tired to care.

IP was just bleh. I usually enjoy it, but I was out of it. I'm just glad class is over for tonight. i'll figure out how to get through tomorrow. I need to figure out how to catch up on stuff. I have one Contract Drafting assignment due on Monday (and I hope she'll let me email it in) and another due Thursday. Plus I have to meet with her. That would ruin anyone's day.

I'm going to eat some supper and just chill out tonight. Overall, it just wasn't the best day ever and I really hope that tomorrow will be better, especially after some rest. I just don't like feeling all negative and down. :(