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Funny Story
[Misc] Flowers
(Note: Please tell me if you feel an entry of this length merits a cut or if I should just leave it alone. I'm trying to get a better idea of whether I should be cutting certain LJ entries for length.)

Or not. Feels like a pretty appropriate ending to my law school career.

I have a flat tire. I was supposed to head down to my parents this weekend, but instead it turns out that I'm pretty much not going anywhere. I started to pull out and my car felt funny. I stopped, got out, and my rear passenger tire was completely flat. At about 8:30PM on a Friday night.


I did a quick google search for places that would come out to change a flat 24 hours a day. Instead, I got information on how to change it myself. Okay, great skill to have and all, but honestly? I don't want to. Part of the reason I went to law school is so I wouldn't have to. Feel free to call me out on it and maybe I should learn just for an emergency when I can't get help, but it's not an emergency, I can get help, and so....

I joined AAA. Turns out it goes right into effect the moment you join. Right now, I'm sitting in my nice cozy apartment and waiting for someone to come out and change my tire. The membership was $67 a year I think, which comes out to a little over $5 a month. I'll cut down on a latte a month to make it work. Heck, given that I get a free drink for every five I buy at Borders, that pretty much takes care of it there. Problem solved.

Also, is it bad that I automatically go into defensive mode for not wanting to change a tire? That's an interesting commentary on society, really. Or at least me.

(And one hour later, I feel totally justified in not trying to do it myself since the poor AAA guys had a hard time getting my spare out.)

Anyway, on to the rest of my day....

I had my exit meeting today. Turns out it was career counseling....which was not bad. Apparently, they just wanted to make us aware of the office and how we could go about jobs. Given that we had to give them info about our employment plans, I was terrified they'd be like "You're an idiot."

But, I'm me, so I go in and she was like "Well, where are you at now in terms of a job hunt?" I explained to her that due to my family situation, I needed a fairly flexible schedule. I was worried about my GPA, since it was lower due to my other responsibilities. So, I told her that my career plans were very up in the air and I mainly planned on trying to volunteer at the Commonwealth Attorney's office to get some experience and then go from there. She actually seemed really impressed and said I had a good plan. I also mentioned I had several contacts in the area, so that was good. She suggested that I might want to looking into clerking for a Circuit Clerk Judge for extra experience and possibly look into the Department of Public Advocacy. She said our state had a great program for training public defenders, that there was high turnover rate (as with the clerks for the judges), and that it was fairly prestigious, so if I got in there, it would open a lot of doors later. Then if I wanted to work in the Commonwealth Attorney's Office, I could always switch over there. She also suggested I contact the PDA about volunteering there until an opening came up, too.

Of course, this is all going the criminal law way, but we'll see what goes from there. I'm not sure if that's my main interest, but it won't hurt to get out and about, right?

I also mentioned I was interested in doing a Street Law program at a local high school. Again, she said I was pretty much doing what legal employers want to see people doing after law school. So, apparently, this is good.

I had to call back about some follow-up questions on a health insurance app, which was horrible. I had to release my medical records regarding my arrhythmia, but they apparently got a ton of other stuff. So, after clarifying my arrhythmia was both harmless and controlled, they then asked about the visit to the doctor for knee pain in 2004 which need physical therapy (read: I got a brace), despite the fact that the doctor found nothing. After that, we moved on the the headaches/migraines I saw the doctor for. I explained it was TMJ and fairly mild headaches. I was then asked how often I had headaches, what I did for them, did I always use medication, was there surgery or other treatment planned, had I had an MRI, etc, etc, etc... After that, I had to call my doctor for a diagnosis of the knee pain, which led to various telephone tag. The final diagnosis? "JOINT PAIN!" Also? At the end, I had a headache.

My advice for everyone is to write down when they see the doctor, what the diagnosis was, and if you have longterm treatment, be sure you get a date when the treatment ended and the condition resolved itself. Same with medication. Trust me, these insurance applications want DETAILS.

My advice for myself is to follow my advice. :D

So, that was pretty much my day. I'm going to head out and get the pizza I ordered now, and I may get up the energy to write my thoughts on the whole FB thing. I actually have a lot of them.

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Hey, nothing wrong with criminal law! ;) I was the same way during my job hunt, actually. "Well, I guess I could do some crim law at first. Just for experience." Yeah, I'm here for good now. :)

You definitely seem to enjoy it. I think it would definitely be a good thing to at least start out in. I really do think that I would like it and, apparently, either the Commonwealth Attorney's office or the DPA would open a lot of doors in case I didn't like it. It seems pretty win-win either way I go.

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