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What Went Wrong in Law School
[Misc] Flowers
I was taking a break from bar studying (which I'm actually doing) and came across a blog with this entry:

I recently learned from a friend of mine that he took a class over the summer, Commercial Paper or Secured Transactions or one of those stupid UCC courses. I asked how it went, and he shrugged. I prodded further, and he revealed that he only showed up on the first day and for the final exam, despite the fact that there were only six people in the class. He even received an email from the registrar two weeks before the class ended, asking if he planned to take the exam. "Of course", he replied. He then arrived a half-hour late for the final, which he didn't bother studying for, save for skimming an old outline, and received a C+. "Totally worth it", he said.

I thought I was a bad student. He sets the bar for all of us.

My response to this was "And this is EXACTLY why attendance policies suck."

(And I get to use my law school tag for one of the final, if not the final, time.)

On an unrelated bar note, the lectures frequently use hypos that use various fictional characters. I find myself getting annoyed when they don't follow canon. For instance, on the Contract hypo where Dr. House hired me to paint his house? Everyone KNOWS that House doesn't own a house.