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And Furthermore...
[Misc] Flowers
Via paradisacorbasi:

Turns out there's some fishy stuff in the "I Write Like" thing (besides the fact that it accuses me of writing like Stephen King). Here's a post on it. If you're posting the links, you might want to check it out.

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You know. I've read that Making Light post something like five times, and the only thing I get from it is condescending bullshit about how people having fun and epublishing is horrific, and YOU ARE A HORRIBLE PERSON IF YOU THINK IT'S FUNNY THAT YOU WRITE LIKE DAN BROWN.

Yeah, I'm sort of on the fence about it, because I'm not quite up to the level of "Oh, this is evil!" This may be something I'm just not quite up to understand exactly how sinister it is. That said, I think that after all the Facebook privacy nonsense, I'm just a little extra wary of anything that's not exactly what it appears.

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