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[Misc] Flowers
I'm supposed to be studying for the bar, but I happened to check my phone and saw a Facebook update. My jaw dropped.

Here's the backstory:

Back when I got into FB aps (I'm over them now), I found out that you couldn't get anywhere without a huge mob/clan/whatever in a lot of games....so I started doing some random friend adding. I cleaned most of them off, but I kept a few (mainly because we were gifting back and forth on a few applications).

Recently, someone on my friends list started making really bizarre updates. Stuff like I have decided I am not going to 1)think about sex 2) play with myself 3) watch guys on cam 4) surf the alternative underground or 5) be slutty, for 24 hours. *looks at watch*, lots of stuff about BDSM sex, and her yaoi website. I didn't really think anything of it...mainly since I had her confused with another person who I had added for an app, talked to a few times, and seemed cool.

Today, I received an event invitation from her. Not surprisingly, I was wary of what it was. Then I opened it and what do you think it was? The launch of Taming Riki. Then there was a click.

So, a few years ago, I was looking for Ai no Kusabi fic. I came across her stuff....which was basically a lot of S&M fan fic with a few touches of shota for added flair. Well-written, but definitely disturbing to read. Not a big deal, except for the fact that somewhere along the way, she started her "Kira's Elite" group or something like that, which meant that you paid her for access advanced access to her fan fic. But, being the reasonable person she was, people in lesser developed countries could apply to her and get free early access for the fic. There was also talk of her self-publishing. I can't remember the whole story, since I lost interest.

But somehow, I ended up randomly friending her on FB for an ap.

The only thing that bothered me is that she's been on there for a while and these updates started pretty recently...the yaoi stuff and the sex stuff. So, that had me wondering, until I did a bit of googling. Turns out that there was some drama because sometime last year, she got religion. Here's a link to a timeline and Yahoo group emails from her. She's apparently bipolar, too, which explains some of the more erratic behavior.

But seriously, how weird is it that I somehow ended up as a FB friend? I'd love to remember which app the add came from....

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Good lord. D: That is just full of crazy.

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