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Long Evening
[Misc] Flowers
I've been stressing over the bar still and I think it's getting to me. I had a low grade fever last night and felt awful. When I woke up this morning, it was that much worse so I pretty much alternated between studying and lying around.

When Ashley got home, we were ready to get our pizza for our usual Friday night pizza and movie ritual. Unfortunately, we had a few other errands to run. We had to go to Bed, Bath, and Beyond, which is right across the parking lot the pizza place, so we called in our order before going in. Unfortunately, when we got our, the car wouldn't start.

No problem. I had AAA and I thought it was the battery, so they sent someone out to check that. Since we were near Borders and we had a coupon for a free drink at Borders, we decided to run down there to get a drink. (Did i mention it was 95 degrees outside?) We also had a 40% off coupon, so I was going to run back to the car to get it. As I was leaving the store, the AAA guy called and so he checked the car out. The battery was fine. The fuses were fine. Nothing was jumping out that he could fix, so the guy suggests that we get it towed into a dealership, since the problem would probably be too complicated for a smaller place to fix.

Well, Ashley and I wait about 45 minutes for a tow truck and we're stressing a bit. First, I'd just had a new transmission put in ($2600) and I was really worried about another expensive problem. Second, we had a pizza waiting for us (we'd called and they were holding it), packages in the car, and no way of getting home. We were going to call a taxi, but there was the matter of who to call, when to call, and how long we'd wait. Then I was worried about where the car would go, since I had no idea who to take it to in this area. (I get my oil changed at Midas and the dealership is in my hometown, 200 miles south).

Finally, the tow truck guy gets there and he checks it over. He doesn't find anything visibly wrong, but he suggests I put the car in neutral and try to start it. It worked. He said sometimes happened, but I'm till stressing.

Suffice to say, today sucked a bit. But we got pizza, so it's all cool.

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*snuggles* That sucks. :/

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