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Bar Day 2
[Misc] Flowers
Nothing major to note today. It was the multiple choice part and there was really nothing dramatic about it.

The ballroom was still just as cold today as it was yesterday. I found out as I came in the front way that it turns out that only the back part is freezing and I'm apparently sitting under a vent. I made it through the first part okay, but it really hit my hard after lunch. I was really achy from tensing up from the cold and I started getting sleepy. I ended up finishing about an hour early, partly because I usually fly through multiple choice exams and partly because I know that I was sort of not getting questions because I was so sleepy! I blame being sick and the cold for making me so tired. Anyway, I never can tell how I did on multiple choice, partly because I'm always convinced that I messed up because I finished so much faster.

On a side note, I really wonder about some of the people. From what I've been told, they tried a new format with shorter questions this year, so it's possible that people were using the old advice from what I've been told were page long fact patterns. Anyway, the girl beside me was underlining and circling and marking... I don't know. Most of the questions were a paragraph or two long. They fit two questions per page, sometimes three. I wonder if it's just a case of people overcomplicating things or if I really missed something... I was just like "Read question. Read answers. Answer question. Move on." Of course, I test well on standardized questions anyway, so who knows? I'll find out in October. I've pretty much given up hope on the essay part, but I'd like to pass the MBE so I only have one day of testing.

Anyway, when I made it back to the room, I was freezing and exhausted, so I pretty much just collapsed on the bed for about three hours. It's weird because I got a decent night's sleep last night....or so I thought. After that, Ashley and I hit Chili's and then went bowling. It was sort of cool, since it was one I went to with a group of people when we went to the State Fair every year for competitions.

Now we're back in the room and I'm just basically going to chill out and collapse. We have to check out of the room tomorrow by 2, then head back and get Alley from boarding. After that, we plan to just hang out and recover for a few days.

And that was my day.... Thank goodness it's over.

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Congrats on finishing the bar! October is a long wait. What do would-be lawyers do in the meantime as far as their careers go? Can you start at a law firm during the interim?

Your description of how cold it was from the previous post literally gave me the chills when I read it yesterday, and yesterday was record heat and humidity here. I always admire people who can write so descriptively that I can actually feel it.

Also, that testing strategy...I went to the test prep for the fire exam (which was totally stress-free and only four hours, so it has nothing on your bar exam) and they taught to underline and circle words in very short questions. WTF? Just read and answer, dudes. People were actually doing that on test day and did not finish in the allotted time. I don't get it.

Well, some of the lucky ones that have worked at summer jobs have managed to get an offer out of that, so a few of them manage to get hired and have a job waiting for them after that pass the bar. Most are sort of just waiting around since no one gets hired till after the results (or so the career services person at my law school said). It's apparently not the best job market now, so people are doing whatever they can to get hired. The good news for me is that I got a scholarship, so I don't have a lot of loans coming due soon. That means I sort of have the luxury of taking my time to try to find a good placement. I'm going to look into doing free work at a few places until I get enough experience to either go out of my own or get hired somewhere.

And thanks. It was just a special kind of freezing. It's incredibly hot and muggy here, too, and when I think back on it, I still get chills.

That was how the National Registry EMT-B class was for me. It was a really simple multiple choice test and I pretty much flew through it. And I think that the underlining and circling thing must be a common tactic, since I seem to remember something like that being mentioned for the ACT's. It's just... I really don't get it. I think that it may be something that really does help a few people, but I think that for the others, it just makes them feel like they're working harder? I can't help but wonder how it affects comprehension of the question, though. I once read in a study guide that you should be very careful about highlighting passages because you tended to highlight instead of reading. The bizarre thing was one girl who had taken the exam in another state said that she had a system of highlighters that she used on questions. One color for facts, one color for rules, etc...

I was broken of that habit yeeeaaars ago in my high school Anatomy class. I decided midway in that I was REALLY going to work hard, so I went home every night and recopied my notes in different colors. One for terms, one for definitions, etc... And of course I'm bragging to my friends about how hard I'm working and how it's going to help me...and I was so proud of myself until I got my exam back and found out I scored about a grade lower than I usually did. My friends got a good laugh out of that and I went back to my old way of studying....

Even a good night's sleep won't stop the body from needing it again after being keyed up like that. Also, being cold is exhausting.


I'm sure you did awesome. =D

That's probably it. I think I just got so keyed up that I eventually crashed and the cold didn't help. Thanks, though. I always have a hard time evaluating how I did on tests and papers, so I'm just going to wait and see what happens. :)

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