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Should Have Seen It Coming....
[Misc] Flowers
I wanted certain items from Yankee Candle that I wasn't sure I'd be able to get in the store, so I ordered from their website. They advertised $5 flat shipping through Fed Ex and, being an idiot, this DIDN'T raise alarms despite problems in the past with Fedex. ("The reason we've held on to this package for three days is that we can't find your house...despite the fact that we just delivered a package to you today."). I got an email saying that it had shipped on August 11, but I was being patient so I didn't bother tracking until tonight.

According to the website, it was delivered by the postal service on August 13. There weren't any notification in my mailbox that there was a large package, so one of two things has happened: It was misdelivered or it's been sitting in the post office for five days. Given that we're now dealing with USPS as well, both are equally likely.

To make matters worse, when I checked Yankee Candle's website, I found this gem:

FedEx reserves the right to deliver Economy packages to the address provided or to the nearest post office along their route. These packages are not insured or traceable by FedEx and Yankee Candle will not be responsible for the replacement of lost or stolen packages.

I plan to call the post office tomorrow and see if the package is there. If not, I plan to call Yankee Candle for either a refund or a new shipment. I don't care what they claim they're responsible for or not, if I don't either get my items or a refund, I plan to contact the credit card company.

Has anyone had any success with a similar experience? Right now, I'm just really annoyed at the whole situation and dreading having to deal with it tomorrow.