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Tennis, Anyone?
[Misc] Flowers
The tennis club where I did a group session a year and a half ago sent me a brochure this summer. The session I did last spring was great and I really enjoyed it, but things got a little crazy with scheduling this year and I wound up not doing it. I decided to try to do it this year, so I called about doing a clinic. The problem is that I'm what I would classify as an advanced beginner, based on past experience (lessons as a child, a couple of years playing in high school) and the only classes offered were either beginner or intermediate. I talked with the guy who did placement today and the problem was really that it wasn't possible to predict the make-up of classes. A beginner class might consist of absolute beginners or people who were fairly proficient but came for a brush up. He told me that he had taught beginner and intermediate classes back to back and sometimes the beginners played better than the intermediate. Based on all that, plus the fact that I'm out of shape, I signed up for one of the beginner clinics. He also told me that since it only lasted seven weeks, I could always move up after that.

That's the good news. The really great, awesome, beyond wonderful news is that I've also convinced Ashley to take it with me. That way, the two of us can practice together. I'm really excited about this and I can't wait until it starts on Tuesday.

The other thing that I've been meaning to mention is that I started voice lessons three weeks ago. This is another continuation of something I did earlier. A few years ago, I did voice lessons in undergrad and I wasn't that crazy about the experience. I like singing, but the professor was really demanding. I found out later that the reason that he had openings for a non-music major is that the voice majors all tried to avoid him. Still, I would have done it for another year, but the didn't have room the next year for non-majors. Guess the majors lost their survival instinct that year.

Anyway, I've meant to do it for ages. Several family members sing well and I'd just really, really like to get good at it myself. I had to really work up the nerve for it, since I don't really know how my voice sounds. It's funny, because I guess most people either know they can sing or know they can't. After my first lesson and her evaluate, she was fairly positive about my voice, so I feel like maybe I can actually make some progress with it. I don't have really high hopes, but maybe just a little extra confidence?

So far, I've mainly worked on "How Can I Keep from Singing?" It has some higher parts, so I don't always hit the notes and when I do, I feel like I'm really squeaky/screechy. I really like the song, though. I'm also going to work on Caledonia and Amazing Grace. I absolutely love the song Caledonia and I'm really excited about doing it next week. I still have to pick a version of Amazing Grace I like.

Also, funny story:

Ashley and I went to Ollie's to check on their closeout yarn. So far, so good. We were browsing and came across the furniture. We stopped at a desk that we were a little skeptical about. Ashley started to say "Well, it looks sturdy, but I wouldn't pay much for it." At the same time, I was reaching up to open a drawer. (I touch everything in stores.) So, here's how it actually played out:

Ashley: Well, it looks sturdy.

Me: *surprised squeak as the front of the drawer comes off in my hand*

Then we both laughed hysterically at the timing.

Good times, good times.