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Quick Update
[Misc] Flowers
I had my first tennis lesson yesterday. Since I hadn't played since last April, I was pretty rusty, but I got the hang of it again. I was incredibly impressed with Ashley, since it was her first time playing tennis. I had assumed that since it was a beginner's course, there would be a fair amount of "This is a racket, here's how you hold it, here's how you swing, etc." Nope. When we got there (five minutes late because of getting Bill situated), they were doing a drill that involved running across the court and hitting four forehands (or backhands, if you're a lefty like me). We did a few more drills with a bit of instruction, then we played points. It worked out great, since there were four people in the class, but one may leave next week since she was a little advanced. (She had apparently been told that it was a beginner/intermediate class.)

I'm still working on getting Bill settled into his permanent home. I know what I basically want: 5 gallon tank with a filter and heater, some plants (maybe Java moss or hornwort), and some tankmates like an African dwarf frog or mystery snail. Unfortunately, I'm having a bit of trouble finding a place to get what I need. The closest aquarium supply stores also sell puppies, so nothing on this earth could induce me to buy from them. There are apparently some good ones about half an hour away, but I dread going. I think that it's a testament to city traffic that a half hour drive makes me hesitate, since in more rural areas, it wouldn't phase me at all. I'm absolutely going to have to do it tomorrow, though. He needs to get a good set up soon.

I plan to teach Ashley to knit tonight. I picked up some extra needles when I stopped to get my framed diploma and I found some extra yarn that I think would be good for her to work with, so we're going to settle in and get started soon.

My big frustration tonight, besides the pet store thing, was chocolate. After finding out that a lot of chocolate from the Ivory Coast is harvested by child slaves, I'm switching to fair trade chocolate. Unfortunately, even though Kroger had a few options in its health food section, nothing was Fair Trade. I did a bit of research tonight and found that, despite not being Fair Trade, at least two of the brands carried (Newman's Own and Endangered Species) were apparently slave-free since organic farms have their own certification processes that include labor. So, turns out I can keep eating peanut butter cups guilt free (except for the calories).

I don't mean to be preachy on this, but it's just something that strikes me as so unnecessary. Chocolate is a luxury, pure and simple. A child shouldn't be sold into slavery so that I can enjoy that luxury.

On the downside, though, it sucks that I'm going to have to stop eating a lot of things I really like.

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Tennis was "HIT THE GROUND RUNNING" I whiffed like 10298423842 times.

I likes knitting.

Also, I need safe white chocolateeeee!

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