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Writer's Block: That's good eats
[Lilo and Stitch] Rocket
What was your favorite childhood meal? Do you still love it? Does it taste as good as you remember it?

When I was a child, my favorite foods were grilled cheese and macaroni and cheese. My aunt who kept me as a child loves to tell about how I'd want a grilled cheese or some mac and cheese and how she'd fix it for me and I'd go back to my cartoons.

As an adult, I still love those foods, mainly because they're food that can grow with the person. Five-year-old Brooke was happy as could be with kraft cheese and white bread or macaroni out of a blue box. Adult Brooke would probably be much less delighted.... No one really knows because no one is getting me to try that. Now I like gourmet mac and cheese with different types of cheese and seasonings. And grilled cheese? Get some good cheese and bread and fix it properly and it's amazing. I guess I'm lucky I loved foods I could grow with.