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Biting My Tongue
[Misc] Flowers
On a dog group that I belong to on Facebook, someone posted this "great" article on the policy of disqualifying breeds at Crufts based on veterinary issues and why people should fight for their "rights."

I've typed several responses and deleted them all. Most of them center around the use of the of the Niemoller quote. Most of the time when I see it used, it strikes me as trivializing the Holocaust. In this case, it's comparing health checks on dogs to atrocities of Nazi Germany and no, they're completely different. (Interestingly enough, the last time I saw it used was defending animal rights.) They're not the same. They're completely different. And comparing the two is disgusting.

I just wish people would think for a minute and realize that no, the fact that you don't like something doesn't automatically put it on the level of the Holocaust. Really.

Oh, and also? While I haven't watched the Crufts documentary referenced in the article, anyone who can argue that conformation breeding isn't doing some pretty awful things to certain breeds is in pretty deep denial.
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