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Busy Day
[Misc] Flowers
First impressions...update to follow.

We did massive touring today. We started out by visiting Pont du Guard which is an old Roman aquduct. It was impressive and we did some major hiking. After that, we visited Orange and an old Roman theatre. It's the same Orange as in William and Mary of Orange...even though it's in southern France. Our final visit was to the Papal Palace in Avingon. It was exahusting and for some reason, the Roman theatre caused my height fright to act up. I thought I was over all that and it wasn't like I was that high, but there are a lot of steps...who knows? We had these headset tour guides and we had to go to a certain sign then enter a number. It was good for the theatre, but I had trouble with it at the Palace.

The trip ended when our bus had a blow out on the way home. We managed to get off of the main road and waited until a new bus came to pick us up. By the time it was over, everyone was exhausted. My roommate and I went to have supper and, thanks to my French, neither dish was what I wanted. Not bad, but not what I ordered.

Our other roommate has headed off to Germany for the World Cup. Maybe we won't have a lot of drama this weekend. Please.

Eight more days in France.