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This Time, For Real
[Misc] Flowers
My LJ is one of the most sporadic things in my life. Periodically, I go on an "I'm going to update often" kick and it never works out. I think the reason I tend to avoid LJ is because of the guilt.

I'm playing around with Facebook a bit and hearing from a few people I don't get to see often. I'm trying to decide how far to go with it. That, of course, brings me back to LJ.

A lot of the people on my LJ friends list are people from my #SubCafe days. You guys are an incredibly talented group of people who amaze me, if only because you liked/put up with me when I was a lot younger, stupider, and a general pain. I think that one thing that's kept me from making more of an effort to reconnect with people from those days is the memory of how bad I probably was.

I don't want to force relationships that should have died a natural death ages ago (that's one fault with Facebook), but I would very much like to try to catch up with the people I know and still have on my FList.

Anyway, that's my comment for the day and I plan to, at the very least, check my friends' journals more often.