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Down With Rain
[Misc] Flowers
I bought a really cute new pair of rain boots last week and so I was really excited when we had a couple of rainy days at the end of the week. It was just wet enough to justify wearing rain boots, but not so wet that I really needed an umbrella. So I was very exited about this.

Yeah, that's over.

It's pouring now and I got soaked walking to Property and I'm dreading the fifteen minute walk back.

A couple of other annoying things:

My mom is staying with me today and tomorrow, so we decided to go to Panera for breakfast today. When we got to the parking lot, I realized I had forgotten my purse and I had told mom not to worry about bringing hers. And I'd taken out the twenty I keep in my console for stuff like that. Grr....

Then, to make it worse, I realized in Torts that I didn't have my casebook which I pretty much needed to keep up in class. The professor counts off half a letter grade if you're not prepared when he calls on you (And that's the first time. Second time, whole letter. Third time, you fail.), but fortunately, we have one pass for each semester. I didn't use it last semester, but I used one today. We have to give him a note before class, so I waited for him in the hall (stalker law students!) and explained to him that I had read, but forgot my casebook (like that's so much better.

I'm also thinking about trying Twitter. It seems like it would suit me.