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Sleep Now Please?
[Misc] Flowers
Is it a bad thing that I only finished exercising at 2:30AM?

It was due to a long, complicated day where my mother had an appointment with an endocrinologist and we were late (half due to me, half due to her...literally. We were half an hour later and 15 minutes of it was me, 15 was her). So, because this doctor is really bad for saying "If you're late, we'll see you after everyone else" and because we were driving an hour and a half to see him, I called his office to explain that we were going to be late, so could he still see us or should we reschedule? The person I talked to asked someone else and she said it would be fine to come in.

We get there and by the time we registered, it was about 1:15 (the appointment was 12:45). We are then told that since we were late, he couldn't see us till at least 2:00 (if his new patient canceled), but probably 2:45. Or we could reschedule.

Gee...if only I had thought to call ahead to let them know we were running late and try to reschedule before then. Silly me.

So, mom and I agree to reschedule (first available appointment in October, BTW), but the nurse comes up and asks where we're from and says something like "Well, it's a shame that you've driven so far and have to come back, so why don't you just wait a little longer and maybe his new patient won't show up and we can fit you in?"

So we wait. And we wait. And we wait. And I'm pretty much steaming. So, finally, mom decides to go up and just reschedule (by then it's like 2:15 or so) and we're starting to reschedule and just get out so we can do the other stuff we needed to do, but nooo... The same nurse comes up again and starts with "Well, it's only 20 more minutes. He'll be out soon, etc, etc...you've come so far, why wait?"

Finally, we just sucked it up, waited, and got out.

Three things about this bothered me: 1) I tried to avoid exactly that situation by calling ahead and we were told to come on, 2) they acted like it was somehow so much better to wait in a doctor's office for two hours doing nothing than to leave and come back later, and 3) they acted as though it was unfathomable that we might have other things to do today.

We finally leave. Then we had to head up to my apartment (about another hour and a half) to pay my rent. We did that, then I stopped by to look at swimsuits.

I'm not a big beach/pool goer. I don't like laying around in the sun (especially with a family history of melanoma) and I'm never around people to do water stuff with... So I don't buy a lot of swimsuits. Unfortunately, I realized that the one I currently have is starting to run. I decided to check on a new one today. It was actually hard to find one I liked, since they were mostly picked over and I really wanted one that was simple, yet sort of cute and good for actually swimming in. (The last part eliminated at least half the suits.)

I did find one I like (black with sort of sky blue and white trim), so I went to try it on.

Okay, I'm sure all women realize this (and I can't speak for men's fitting rooms), but you really do look 100% worse in fitting rooms. If you find something that actually looks good in a fitting room, buy it. It will look amazing in a normal environment. Seriously, I tried on a dress in a fitting room a couple of weeks ago and I could have sworn I saw cellulite on the back of my arms. Since them, I've looked at my arms in every possible angle and every possible light. All that's left is actually cutting one off for closer examination and there is NO cellulite.

Swimsuits are worse. Swimsuits are a thousand times worse. First, most people don't stand in front of a mirror and stare at themselves in a swimsuit, so you have absolutely no baseline. I mean, with normal clothes, you're more or less aware of how your body looks, so you can usually stop the neurotic thoughts. Second (and this is really true if you're going to swim in a suit and not just lounge in it), you need to look more closely at the fit of a swimsuit than normal clothes. Pants or shirts can be altered, if need. You can't do much with a swimsuit, plus you move in them a lot more than you do in, say, a dress or a suit. And if they don't fit just right, there's potential for a lot of problems. So, you're looking at the suit more closely and while you try to look at how the suit fits your body, it almost inevitably turns into how your body fits the suit.

I've caught glimpses of myself in a swimsuit in the gym locker room mirror. Usually, my thoughts are "Wow, I really need to be here swimming and I should probably add some more lunges...oh, and maybe that Mystic Tan isn't such a bad idea after all. I should try it." The fact that I could look better in a swimsuit is mitigated by the fact that I'm there to do something that will help me look better in a swimsuit. My thoughts in the fitting room today were more along the lines of "Huh. I wonder if they stock wet suits. And if the wetsuit also promises to make you look ten pounds thinner."

Getting it in perspective, the suit was good. It fit well. It covered what needed to be covered without being too 1920's swimwear (I go to a family geared fitness center). And it should work great for actually swimming. The one thing I didn't like was that the legs were sort of boxy and lower. Not quite boy shorts, but very low cut. The problem with that is that higher cut legs are actually more slimming and make your legs look longer (I have short legs . I'm 5'7 and my 5'3 cousin has the same length legs.). But, overall, good.

Unfortunately, by the time I got home, it was midnight. No chance to run.

Stay tuned for wedding gripes tomorrow.