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Shoe Recycling
[Misc] Flowers
I have a really hard time keeping my room clean. I don't have this problem with my apartment, so the problem has become really obvious lately: I have too much stuff and no place to put it. The obvious (and only) solution is to get rid of stuff.

Books are pretty much a no-brainer. I can sell them at the used bookstore. (I can't bring myself to get rid of manga or comics.) Clothes are easy as well. Donate to Goodwill or possibly something like Dress for Success. I have some really nice clothes that have barely been worn. I've thought about doing a consignment shop, but it just seems like too much trouble for the money I'd get.

So, that leaves me with shoes. Some of them could be donated and others just need to be tossed. I still have a problem with athletic shoes, though. Apparently, you can donate them to a lot of places...but that seems gross. I mean, I'm looking at a pair right now and the biggest problem is the laces have frayed. (Oh, and the dog hair. They're black.) And I realize that not everyone is as picky as I am...especially if you don't have any shoes. But still...

The other option is Nike's Reuse a Shoe program where they make playground surfaces out of old athletic shoes. The only draw back to that is that the nearest drop point is two hours away and I hate to spend the money on postage to mail them.

Still, I need to come up with something. I've really got to get rid of some stuff.

Anyway, Happy Fourth of July, everyone!

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Hey do you have any links for any of those programs so I could find local shoe donating organizations. I have a whole box full of shoes that I was just going to throw out.

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