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Sushi and Sidewalks
[Misc] Flowers
I really didn't sleep well last night. I didn't actually go to bed until about 4:30AM and even then, I don't remember actually sleeping. I know I dozed a bit, because I would check the clock and it would be thirty minutes later, but overall... Not good quality sleeping.

Big surprise, I had a hard time getting up. I hit the snooze button a couple of times, then I finally dragged myself out of bed. So I spent the morning frantically rushing around trying to get this and that done. The worst part is that I had actually fixed my hair and make-up and it was so hot and humid that I had to put my hair up by my first class and my make-up....yeah, lost cause.

I had a 9 AM class and I really, really needed to stop by the registar to ask a question and run to the bookstore before class. Also, I agreed to meet Janine to give her some books she needed for her 9AM class at 8:45.

I got on campus at 8:35. Turns out the registar doesn't get in until 8:45 and they were sold out of the most of the books I needed. The good news was that Janine called me before I got to the bookstore to tell me that she was running late, too. I think I got to Starbucks where we were supposed to meet at 8:55. I thought I had missed her at first, but I decided to get a drink anyway and she came in as I was ordering. So, good news.

It was a very up and down day. On my way to class, I was in a great mood because they were putting in a sidewalk so I won't have to walk across the grassy hill (and fall in the winter when it gets icy). Then I got stressed out and I swear I was ready to quit law school and train wolves for a living. Then I got over it.

My morning classes were Cultural Property and Constitutional Law. Cultural Property is going to be good, I think. I've had the professor before and the subject matter seems interesting. We have to do a research paper and we have to pick our topic very, very early, but I'll figure something out. Also, we get a field trip. To a museum. On my birthday. How cool is that?

Con Law... Don't know. The professor seems to really want to make the class interesting and that always counts for something...but... Basically, I'm withholding judgment. Also, I have the same prof for Professional Responsibility tomorrow. We're having a substance abuse awareness thing. I'm sure it will be very exciting and will contain tons of information that I've never heard before.

During lunch break, Janine and I ran to my apartment to get the rest of the books she needed. Then, I went to the new student union to see what there was to eat.

There was sushi.

Good sushi.

I had something with crab and avocado. The only problem was that there was too much. I was only able to eat about half of it. Then, after, I got another caramel machiato.

I was thinking about how great it was, then it occurred to me that I'd spent about $17 dollars on food and coffee before 1PM. Obviously, that can't be an everyday thing.

Criminal law was interesting. The initial "get your attention" example was a South Park thing. Then we discussed a cannibalism on the high sea case. My argument was that cannibalism is only legally and morally wrong in that case if you don't cast lots to see who is eaten.

I was in the minority.

The bad part of today was that I managed to underestimate the walking I would do today and overestimate the comfort of the shoes I wore. As a result, I have a dime sized blister on the *ball* of both feet. It hurts. I may drive tomorrow.

Nothing major for the rest of the day. I talked to Becky (I called her on the way home to distract me from the pain of walking on blisters), walked Allley, went to the bookstore (I still need some books), did my reading for tomorrow and took a nap (even though my goal was not to nap this week, I didn't even get three hours of quality sleep last night). Now I'm just trying to convince myself to go to bed at a decent hour.

I need to try to get the rest of my books and do some printing tomorrow.

Overall, not a bad first day.