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One Week Down
[Misc] Flowers
A billion more to go.

I'm too tired to go into a long, detailed entry. Suffice to say that Wills and Trusts did not get any more interesting and Professional Responsibility, while interesting, still confuses me. Not the concept of PR, but just how the class will pan out.

I had sushi for lunch again today. I had leftovers, so I gave the rest to Alley. She was ambivalent on the first one, but really loved the others when she got used to it. Yes, my dog will eat anything.

I watched the first Strawberry Panic DVD last night, finally. I like the series, but I also like how they handled the translation. Well, not every aspect. But I do like how the only did Japanese audio with subtitles instead of hiring English VAs to dub it. I only paid $17.99 for it (regular price $19.99), so hopefully this will become a trend and lead to cheaper anime.