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No Fair!
[Misc] Flowers
After being a very good, diligent student all week who did her assigned reading, went to class, and was more or less on time for all my classes (I hate the "rooms in different time zones" thing and almost wish that warning/dismissal bells existed in higher levels of academics for standardization), I had a day off. And I was still trying to be a good student and made plans to get homework and other important things finished today. And what happens?

I woke up sick. Not sick-sick, but just a lowgrade fever, bad headache, and general ickiness. And it's followed me all day. So pretty much all I really did was sleep late, try to take Alley to the groomers (where they had no openings even though they almost always have walk-in openings, so I made an appointment for tomorrow), go out for dinner with my parents, take my mom to get her hair done, and come home and crash for about three hours (leaving aforementioned dog outside till 11...poor baby).

Anyway, my other big accomplishments today were ordering Demotivators, picking up volume 2 of the Strawberry Marshmallow DVD (despite not having volume 1), and volume 3 of the VB Rose manga (and I had trouble following the plot because it was months since I read volume 2). Why do they have such a long delay between releasing translated volumes of manga?

I really need to get in gear and try to get things done tomorrow, so I'm going to try to go to sleep early tonight after watching Psych to get rid of whatever I have.