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Two Points
[Misc] Flowers
1) I'm a little freaked out by the fact that everyone started furiously writing/typing when the professor said "As attorneys, you should not draft a will for someone you think is incompetent." This really doesn't strike me as a new and unknown piece of information.

2) When I got to class this morning, I realized that I haven't had my computer on since the battery died while Becky and I were trying to watch a reining video. So, as I went to turn the computer on, I suddenly realized that my speakers were on and that when my computer started, it would start playing the song used on the video ("Live Like You Were Dying" by Tim McGraw *cringe*). I had to plug the laptop in long enough to get enough of a charge on the battery to actually start the computer, then take it outside to start so I could turn the speakers off.

This might be an indicator that mocking Youtube videos and comments isn't a nice (or productive) way to spend my time.

Good thing I make it a point to never learn from my mistakes.

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Ah, college peers. I was surprised at first, but just about nothing phases me now.>->

Hehe at the laptop story. I always freak out about my computer making noise, so I bring headphones.:D

I honestly think that a lot of people just sort of slide into this "soak up everything, think about nothing" mode in lectures. I think is also corresponds to how sometimes the people who take the most thorough notes in class do worst on the exams. Of course, I'm a bad person to talk about that subject, because I take very brief notes. I don't see any reason to write down something I already know or that is obviously going to be repeated multiple times in the course.

I've thought about bringing headphones for my laptop. I don't usually have that problem because I keep it muted, but I have to admit I usually hold my breath a little if I have to start my laptop once lecture has started.

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