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[Misc] Flowers
I was complaining on Tuesday that my life wasn't interesting enough. Actually, I was saying that it worried me a little that the most interesting that that happened to me on Tuesday was watching people from the law school cut the locks off the lockers that people hadn't actually signed up for and removing their stuff. (And I'm still a little excited about the fact that they'll put the stuff up for grabs if it isn't claimed in a week because there was a really nice set of Wills & Trusts flash cards in there.)

Anyway, I digress and I think we can all see where this is going.

I went to my classes and then went in the lounge to study after class. At about 1PM, I remember to turn my phone on after class. Oddly enough, I had not one but two voicemails.

The first one was from my cleaning service basically saying that they were calling about a "concern." Apparently, they'd had problems getting my lock to work the last two times and today the key actually got stuck in the lock and they had to send someone from their office out to put oil on the key to get it out. I don't know.

At this point, I'm like "Okay, well, the door has been a little tricky lately, so I probably should stop in the apartment office and have them send maintenance out to check it."

Then I hear the second voicemail. Cleaning service again. It was something about the key getting stuck in the lock again and they got it out, but it bent the key and they couldn't lock it back so they went to the apartment office and they were supposed to send maintenance to do it and they'd definitely need a key.

Okay. I think the messages were left at 11AM at the latest...possibly earlier. So, if maintenance hadn't locked my apartment, then it had been standing open for two hours.

I'm in a quandary at this point. I'm halfway through my Con Law reading and I still have Crim Law to go . If I left campus, I'd have to carry two giant casebooks home with me. On the other hand, if I stayed, my apartment might be open. Not good. I finally settled for calling the apartment's front office to check the situation. Apparently they knew about the key/lock thing, but no one from maintenance had been sent to lock it. I explained I was on campus and could come home, but would really rather not for about an hour, so could someone go lock the door and check the lock while they're at it? And would they mind calling me back to let me know what was going on.

They did, so I grabbed something to eat and finished my reading. As I was leaving, I got a voicemail telling me that they'd sent someone to check my door and the lock was "really bad," so they went ahead and changed it, so I needed to stop and pick up the new keys before I went home.

Cool. I may have to take back a lot of the bad stuff I've said about my apartment.

I need to talk about other stuff, but I'm tired tonight and I'd rather do a more thorough job when I do mention it. (Yeah, it's kind of interesting. :-))

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Hey, now that's an interesting story. Housekeeping opening up your place to the world!:P

We had the ninja cold water spigot replacers. I, recently being sick, let the dishes pile up some. I at least didn't notice until today that there was an entirely new cold water spigot while doing dishes.>->

It'd be cool to have housekeeping here! :P
Well, maybe not entirely since we tend to not be too messy.

I always tend to feel the same about posting things on livejournal. It's sitting down and just jotting all of a story out, or not doing it at all.

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