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And This Is Why I Ride
[Misc] Flowers
First, I love the fact that Adult Swim does a retro type schedule on Friday nights. Sealab 2021 is awesome.

Second, this:

brookiki is emotionally distant.
I bet no one's surprised that you never post your current mood. In fact, I bet most of your friends are so sick of you locking them out of your life that they hate you behind your back. Shame.
wanna know your lj's moodring color? enter your user name and hit the button. (discussion thread)

(It really is true....)

Third, today was Friday, which means I rode. This was my fourth lesson since I've started back and it went great. The thing is, all my lessons since I started back have gone well. In fact, I was surprised at how little I had forgotten and how quickly I got back into it. And today's lesson was nothing spectacular. In fact, we didn't really get to the new things Wayne wanted to work on today. I spent the entire lesson working on speed control (which is working on moving the horse from a walk to a jog to a trot to a lope and back....easier side than done...especially if you're trying to go from say a fast trot to a jog without going to a walk).

Anyway, the object was to push the horse (Blackie) to the point that he was almost ready to lope and I could feel it, then go back down. I almost got a lope the first time and again the second. So, my reaction was kind of "Okay, let me try this again." I never actually got a lope because, as Wayne pointed out, I never asked for one. But I was pushing Blackie into a very fast trot and I didn't have any problem getting it. (Blackie doesn't have any problems moving, but he'll only move if you really mean it. So the fact that he wasn't trying to stop meant I was really pushing him.)

The thing is that it would have been easier at several points for Blackie to lope. (It's the same way that it's really easier to jog slowly than to walk incredibly fast for humans. Try it on a treadmill.) In fact, he more or less asked if I wanted him to lope. I could feel him gathering up his body to lope, but he never broke into one because I didn't push him into it.

Anyway, it hit me halfway through the lesson what was going on: I wasn't worrying about the horse. As weird as it seems, one of the most important things in riding is not to worry about what the horse is doing. Worry about what you're doing. Most of the time, if you focus on doing what you need to do to trot and keeping your mind on it, the horse is going to follow along. Whereas if you worry about making the horse trot, you're going to have a very hard time getting a trot.

I am going somewhere with this, though.

I enjoy riding. I enjoyed riding my last few lessons. However, I also love riding and I didn't remember why until today. It's different for everyone, I'm sure, but for me, I love the fact that I can go out there for an hour or two and work the horse and really feel like I've accomplished something. I don't get that in my day-to-day life very much. If I do all my reading for Con Law, it's more "Oh, that's out of the way," not "Wow, I really had a breakthrough with that."

(Maybe if I felt that way, I'd be a better law student. Maybe if I felt like I accomplished something every time something finally made sense in a class, I'd like it better. Maybe I should work on that more...)

The thing is, I never miss a riding lesson. Things that would make me skip going to the gym or going to class or meeting someone for something...they usually don't make me blink on riding. I'm still there. If I do decide I'm too sick to ride, I'm probably at death's door. And even then, I'd probably still try to make it...especially if the weather was nice.

I just feel really good about today. And I'm excited about working on spins next week.

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LOL that silly LJ thingy! I used to post moods ALL the time, but I just got lazy with it.:p

Horse riding sounds incredible. My room mate knows how to do it, and has two horses. I'm a bit scared of them myself, but she assures me they're like two huge puppies.

It's great that you have something awesome to look forward to learning.:)
For myself, I get that feeling in animation class a lot- but the feeling also occurs in lesser amounts during other classes. Especially science, because I feel I'm bad at it so it really excites me to grasp a concept.

Oh crap, I knew I forgot something. Retro AS is indeed the shit, but it makes me feel old.:O

Get used to it. As someone who's been down that road, I can honestly tell you it only gets worse. I watched the TV series Birds of Prey when it came out in 2002 and they just released it on DVD this summer. It amazed me because when it first came out, I was a little younger than the middle character (23) and now I'm probably fairly close in age to the oldest character (late 20's at least).

Same here. I think that if I had very cool mood pictures, I might do it more often, but I just can't be bothered, so no moods. Hence my dark and mysterious nature!

I love riding. Honestly, I'm a little nervous about it sometimes. I'm not too worried about working with horses on the ground, but I get a little too worried about falling sometimes. I think that's part of why I love it so much. I have to really work through something that's a little bit hard for me to feel like I accomplished something and that's an amazing feeling.

It's been a long time since I really got excited about something in class, but I think if I had something like an animation class, I'd be more enthusiastic.

I know this is random, but did you find your Marimite-related sibling yet?

I was just thinking tonight, you rock, and I would love to be your petite soeur. Sorry if this is too direct- and double-sorry if I missed it and you got one.>->

You had me at "you rock!"

Seriously, I haven't found one yet and I'd love to give it a try. It's early, but I've missed out a couple of times by waiting around too long. We could always make a point to reevaluate the relationship in a couple of months and make sure we're both getting what we want out of it. If not, we can either talk it out or go our separate ways without hard feelings.

I doubt that would happen, though, because you rock, too. :-)

Missed out huh? I guess it's part of my personality to just go for it... for the sudden-ness of it.:p

Yeah, I didn't think I would find someone, cause everyone else seemed to find it more quickly. But I am so glad I didn't accept the first offer for impatience.

Sure, and I will do my best!

Well, one case was a situation where someone had some commons interests with me (horses ;-)), but we didn't click right off and she found a soeur before we really had a chance to get to know each other. The other was someone who I really get along with, but I don't think we complemented each other enough for the soeur thing.

But I really think that most things work out just the way they should, so I'm very excited about this. I had asked early on about switching the comm to this account, so if you don't mind, I'll make sure it's still okay, then we can do the ceremony tomorrow?

*bounces happily*

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