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Random Stuff
[Misc] Flowers

From this site.

I took Alley to the groomers today. She came back a University of Kentucky fan. :-) Seriously, she had a pink bandanna with four different UK logos on it. She was adorable. Plus, I'm very impressed because I left her locked in the sunroom for several hours tonight with a package of open chocolate chip cookies and they were still there when I came home. I'm amazed.

Also, I've decided to cut my hair. Earlier this week, I decided just to chop off about eight inches of length. Eight inches sounds like a lot, but not for me. (And we are NOT going to discuss the double entendres in that.) My hair is currently past my shoulder blades, but not quite mid-back. Eight inches would still put it past my shoulders. After looking at a few different magazines, though, I'm thinking that I may just keep the overall length and cut in a lot more layers. I need to talk to my stylist to see what my hair will do. It's insanely thick and that really limits it.

Still, I'm a little excited about it.