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Viva Pinata
[Misc] Flowers
So, I rented the game last winter and wasn't that impressed by it. I think it's because I didn't have time to really get into it before I had to return it.

That was a very good thing.

I bought Trouble in Paradise a couple of weeks ago and I'm completely sucked in. The thing is, even though I've spent hours playing it, I'm not sure I actually [i]like[/i] it that much. It's just that there's never a good quitting place, because there's always one more species to romance or one more challenge to finish.

I've played three hours straight tonight.

I think my goal is to not play it at all tomorrow.
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Ahhh, Viva Pinata! I want to play! T_T

One day, I'll own a 360.:)

What exactly do you do in the game? Is it like Monster Rancher with Pinatas?

I haven't played Monster Rancher, so I'm not exactly sure if they're similar. Basically, you start out with an empty garden and as you do work (digging, growing new plants, buying things, etc), you attract new pinatas. Then you make them residents (each one has certain requirements, like having certain plants or items in the garden or eating other pinata). After they're residents, you can "romance" them, by fulfilling other requirements and get more pinatas. And you also have the option of sending pinata off to parties (but they come back....I'm still not clear on that part, unless they all have really bad aim).

And then as you this stuff, you gain levels and get access to more plants and items, thus attracting more pinatas.

And this is how I spent at least 1/4 of my day yesterday. I'm suddenly very depressed.

That sounds pretty fun actually! I will have to try it one day.:)

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