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Can't She Just Steal the Covers?
[Misc] Flowers
When I woke up this morning, I thought it was a little warm, but I didn't think anything of it. Then I realized I was on the very edge of the bed, so I tried to move over a little bit. That's when I encountered resistance in the form one Australian Cattle Dog. Alley was sleeping right up against me.

Now, I don't mind Alley sleeping with me. She's a small dog (a little less than 40 pounds) and it's a queen-sized bed, so there's plenty of room. But sometime in the night, she had moved over onto my side of the bed and crowded me. She had literally left me the length of my forearm...and I paid for the bed.

Of course, being the generous soul she is, when she realized her mistake (after a couple of shoves from me), the dear thing moved over to the middle of the bed.

After I got up (and believe me, nothing makes it harder to get up than the knowledge you have Wills and Trusts in an hour), I turned on my iPod and the first new song that came on was "Bad Day." Somehow, that seems to bode badly for the day. (Of course, the next two songs were "Do You Believe in Magic?" and "I Love Life," so I have a little more hope.)

The last song I heard was "Destin" and that, combined with a conversation I had with Becky Sunday, really makes me want to go out of the country this summer. I should really see if Jeannine is interested in doing a study abroad thing this year...
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Dogs are really something else. I love when mine at home wakes me up with either whining at the door, or shoving it open and jumping on me to wake me up. But in my case, it is a tiny schaunzer making it all the more hilarious.

Ooh, do eet if you can. Study abroad I mean. I really want to go to Japan next year.:D

One thing I love about my dog is that she's pretty patient, so she's very good about waiting until I'm ready to get up. In fact, she let me oversleep today. Bad dog. :-P

I actually went to France for three weeks a couple of summers ago. It was a great experience. I'd love to do it again, if things work out right. I was actually thinking how cool it would be to become one of those people who just spent a month every summer abroad.

What part of Japan do you want to visit?

That's awesome! I took 5 years of French, but I'm not too good at it.

I'm taking Japanese right now, so I'm hoping to study abroad in Kansai Gaidai in the Kansai region near Osaka.:3

I read it okay, but my spoken French is a little rough. I had a bad professor.

I hope you get to study there, it sounds interesting. Personally, I'd love to spend some time around Kyoto.

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