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Stuff and More Stuff
[Misc] Flowers
I only have on class tomorrow and I don't have classes on Friday. I'm really glad about this.

Yesterday, I did a lot of stuff I've been putting off. I emailed about the equestrian club (and got a very unsatisfactory answer that basically consisted of "It's all on our Facebook page." Stupid Facebook...), I called about doggie day care for Alley (can't get an eval until week after next), and joined a gym (waiting to hear back about some scheduling stuff).

I also went to a review in Wills and Trusts yesterday, then went to the second today. It was the same info for both. Basically, the professor just reads her outline...which is extremely valuable. Unfortunately, one girl in the review today didn't seem to get it, because she kept asking questions about stuff the professor didn't mention. Hint: If she doesn't mention it, she doesn't think it's that important and it's not going to be on the final. So SHUT UP! Interestingly enough, after derailing the review session so that we only got through three chapters today compared to four yesterday, she glared at me for opening a bag of chips in Crim Law. What? I was feeling sort of sick at the beginning of lunch break and I ended up getting really hungry before class.

Anyway, the good thing was that I was able to write down what the professor said yesterday and fill in things I'd missed today. If she keeps doing two reviews for scheduling conflicts, I'm going to do my best to make to all of them.

What else? Nothing, really. Since I only had one class to read for, I came home and played VP a little more. Now I need to wash my hair and watch Criminal Minds.

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Ah, Facebook. It's such a craze here(well everywhere, I'm sure). 2/5 computers being used in the library's computer lab are on Facebook.

Gym joinage! I keep getting such bad luck with the gym. I got sick for a coupla weeks, then the lovely that time of the month for this week, so I've gotten to go an astounding one times. It's nice that it's already paid for with student ID, I hope to go again Friday.

LOL, aren't there always those people that just say too much and get everyone in trouble? D:

Chips, yay. Today, a professor offered 6 walking tacos' worth of money to go support the club he is the adviser for, video games club. So, I walk into Advanced Japanese I late, and with two walking tacos for me and a friend. Luckily, sensei is such a nice guy, and didn't mind at all when we ate some during class since my stomach hurt.

Yay gaming! I'm working on Phoenix Wright, but at the moment I've actually been reading for leisure at night.:D

Facebook is nice to a point. It has let me keep up with a couple of people I might have lost touch with, but it's overdone. I mean, people are obsessed with it. I look around law school lectures and it's disturbing how many people are on Facebook. I prefer stuff like Livejournal.

The problem with gym and exercise is that if you're on a roll and going regularly, you do fine. But if you miss one or two workouts, it's so hard to get back in. The gym I joined has an introductory package with I think eight personal training sessions and four nutritionist appointments for a really good rate. I'm going with that and maybe sticking with something for a little while. I never learned to eat properly because I was always working out constantly in high school and the first part of college. Then I had mono and got really sedentary and gained weight..then other stuff and law school. So I need to work on my eating and I need to work out first thing in the morning, so it's probably worth ponying up the money for a bit. (Plus, if I started bringing lunch instead of buying it on campus, I'd save a ton of money that way....)

Lucky your sensei was nice. I did a Japanese program at OSU for a summer and they were so strict that you weren't even allowed to drink water in class. And we were in it for three hours a day. :-( Plus the theory part....which was another hour. But we could eat there.

OSU? What is that short for?:)

I've lost a good deal working out already, too... but! Living off-campus really puts me so far away from the gum now, and I do go when feeling fit like a fiddle. Thing is, distance mainly, but still, it's cool that way too since I get more of a work out everyday walking to class.(Especially when it's 8:45AM and I'm freaking out trying to get to my science class by 9:05 AM)

Ohio State University.

And I can relate about the off-campus thing. It takes me about fifteen minutes to talk to class and I like it for a lot of reasons (mainly because it lets me sort of reset my mind on the walk home), but it's a pain to try to rush there in the mornings.

I wanted to guess that, but I didn't want to assume.:o

I hear about OSU often since I'm from Ohio... but little me decided to start over again in Pennsylvania and not go where half my high school class went.

I love just walking home with no time limit, but I feel like I'm in a relay in the morning since I have trouble waking up.>->

They have a wonderful Japanese program.

And, yeah, I love the walks back in the afternoon, but I hate the rushed mornings.

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