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Just Saying...
[Misc] Flowers
First, I want peanut butter M&Ms.

Second, I'm tired. Long day yesterday, but nice. Mom and I went shopping and out for Indian. She enjoyed it, but wasn't going crazy over it.

Third, LJ spotlighted a bento community. I know I say this on a semi-regular basis, but this time, I'm really going to start making bentos.

Fourth, I'm getting my hair cut today. It's time for a change and I've gone through some magazines. Nothing really jumped out at me, so I'm just going to show some "sorta like this, but...." pictures. My criteria:

1. I'm willing to give up a little bit of overall length, but not more required.
2. Ponytails are a must. Whatever else, it has to be long enough to pull back. I'm willing to maybe have the front layers too short to pull back, but not a lot.
3. I think I want layers. And more texture. Layers will make it lighter. Texture just looks cool.
4. It has to look good as it grows out, because the law school schedule it not conducive to extremely regular trims. Or color touch-ups.

I'm not sure how much my hair will do a lot of texture, but we'll see.

I wanted to get a picture of the end result, but that probably won't happen because I can't find the charger for my camera.

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Hehe. I was too on the bento train... until I got tired making it in the morning.:p

So now, well, I just eat breakfast at home. I thought I'd be able to bento everyday, but I just got tired.

Maybe you can do eet!

I'm sure the hair will/does look good.

I hope so. It would be so nice to have a pretty lunch, instead of the junk on campus. (I was so excited when the new student union opened this fall, but now...eh. Overpiced and not that good. And horrible lines.)

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