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[Misc] Flowers
So, I have a new haircut. My stylist took about three inches of length off and cut a lot more layers in. It's not my favorite style, but it works. I really need to get my highlights touched up. *sigh* Also, my stylist is pregnant. The baby is a boy and he's due in January. She's very excited.

Someone from the gym finally called me back to get things set up. I'm scheduled for a fitness evaluation at 6AM Thursday morning. Yuck.

I'm exhausted, but my 9AM class is canceled tomorrow. I get to sleep in until ten, so if I go to bed by midnight (not looking too likely), I'll get ten hours of sleep. Wow.

Now I'm going to get a shower, finish my Con Law reading, and watch NCIS, House, and possibly Dexter. Whoo-hoo!

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Whoo! New hair!:D

Must be nice, right?

Are they going to test your limits at the eval then?:o

Lucky... I have a 9:05 tomorrow, and I saw the prof at Chicago tonight. I know, right? Time never works out for me!XD

Ooooh... shower... sounds nice right about now. Hope the TV is enjoyable.:)

The surprising thing about the new hair is how I still have a ton of it, even though she cut a lot. When she swept it up, it filled one of those box dustpan things... But it's nice. It's a little shorter and a lot lighter. It's good, but it's less different than I thought it would be.

And, yes, as far as I can tell, they'll do a medical history, body fat and stuff, then a fitness eval. That will be great, because I'll be able to see my progress. A few years ago, I was getting monthly body fat tests and it was always so cool to see it drop month to month. What I love about body fat (vs weight) is that if you're losing fat and gaining muscle (which is what you should do if you're on a good eating/workout plan), it seems like the results are more obvious with body fat than with just weight. For instance, if, in the course of a month, you lose four pounds of fat but gain five pounds of muscle, then you'll show up as having gained a pound, even though you've made a lot of headway.

I had when something like that happens so that you can't skip. I remember actually hiding from professors so I could get away with skipping that class, even though I'd gone to an earlier one.

I actually goofed around so long on the internet that I only had time to watch House. Oops.

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