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[Misc] Flowers
In case I'm too tired to write anything later tonight...

First, I really need to reevaluate my viewing habits. Or my personal habits. Or both...

Since I have the new lock on my door, there's less resistance. The problem with that I'm 90% sure I locked my door last night when I left to pick up some stuff, but when I came back, it unlocked so easily that I'm not sure if it was actually locked.

Bad enough. However, last night's Criminals Minds, while good, was creepy. It featured a killer that broke into women's homes, hid in the closet, and bludgeoned them to death. Now, the one positive there was that the killer did it in their sleep. While I'd prefer not to die violently at all, a violent death in your sleep has to be better than a violent death you're aware of, right?

Anyway, I had a little trouble falling asleep last night. Think my viewing habits had any bearing on that?

I had to drag myself awake this morning at 5:45AM. I still had a little trouble getting all my stuff together, so I was late for my first meeting with my trainer. Today was just getting everything in order, taking a medical history (and the annoying thing there was that I had to fill out a questionnaire and he still asked me about stuff I'd hadn't checked), body fat and "girth" measurements (I felt like a horse), and went over some stuff.

One thing that bugged me a bit was that I said explicitly that I wanted to do longterm training and he kept talking about about "Well, we'll do this and see what happens from there." He mentioned a six-week program and I don't know if that's a program he assigns me to do on my own or if it's six weeks of meeting with him on a regular basis.

I explained that the biggest draw for a trainer for me was having a reason to come in on a regular basis. He said that it was just a matter of picking up a regular time to come in and that way you wouldn't miss it.

Now, I agree with that...to a point. However, my problem is that law school is very consuming. I mean, yesterday was basically go to class, read, come home for a nap, run to the store for some things, watch a couple of TV shows (my DVR is 49% full), and crash. I'd love to work on a more regular fitness routine, but I'm at a point where five hours of sleep is a good nights sleep. If it comes down to studying, sleeping, or going to the gym, guess what's going to win out?

Anyway, this ends my whining. We'll see how everything works out.

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I hope everything works out!

I can't even begin to imagine how hard law school must be...

Secondly, I hope the trainer wasn't rude or anything.:(

I've personally never had a trainer of my own, I just kind of go out there and do it. At home, I do 30-40 min cardioe every other day... at school, really, I have a lot less time to fiddle with so I go to the gym monday and friday, and do 30 minutes of the elliptical(gosh I love it).

Then again, my guy friend also working on losing weight has been giving me tips from his trainer friend from home. He enlightened me on the omega-3 pills and to do weight lifting before cardio and not after.

My biggest problem right now is avoiding grease-ball food... cause when all the friends are eating out so often, you almost feel excluded if you don't go. That and even the dining hall food is pretty crap. But I've been better about it recently I think.

You know the song "I fought the law and the law won?" It takes on new meaning in law school.

The trainer was really nice. I think he was just making it clear that he didn't expect me to go on and on...which was nice. Plus it was kind of rushed, since I was running late.

I've done it both ways. What works best (at least for me) depends a lot on my schedule and what I want. Since I'm pretty goal-oriented right now and time-crunched to boot, it will be nice to have someone thinking for me.

And I hear you on the bad food. I picked up a lot of bad eating habits from friends and college campuses are notoriously unhealthy when it comes to food choices. A lot are working on it, but it's still an uphill battle. But I think that since you're aware of it, that's half the battle.

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