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Alley and the Bunny
[Misc] Flowers
No, it doesn't end badly. Well, maybe for Alley...

I was in Petsmart and I walked by the area where an animal shelter had set up for adoptions. There were two rabbit cages and Alley was really interested in one, so I let her check it out. She kept getting closer and I kept watching the rabbit to make sure it wasn't stressed. It just kept eating its hay.

So Alley keeps checking it out and at one point, the bunny turns around to sniff her and she jumps back. (She was apparently getting in touch with her Sheltie part today.) I tried to move away, but Alley plopped down and kept starting at it. Then she starting whining and crying to get close to it again. I moved her closer and she and the rabbit sniffed each other again.

I really think Alley wanted that rabbit and I wish I could have brought it home....if nothing else for how calm it was around Alley.

Poor thing, I finally got her to leave, but I think it broke her heart.
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Aww! That's so cute. Rabbits are the most adorable little guys ever, but I think they require a lot of upkeep. I am not exactly sure.:)

They do and they don't.

They don't if you keep them like most people do: shove them in cage or hutch in the backyard, feed them daily, and clean it out every now and then. Unfortunately, it's a really bad life for them.

I haven't done as much research into rabbits as, say, dogs, but I do know that they need a lot more space than they usually get and do have some pretty specific dietary needs. You can also litter box train them.

If I had adopted this one (and I can't right now, for a couple of reasons), I would have let it stay outside with Alley during the day (I have a large kennel, so they would have been separated with Alley in the yard and bunny in the kennel) and brought the bunny in at night to play and sleep. Also, I could have bought bunny toys. Then, when I was in my apartment during the week, I would have kept Alley crated and bunny caged while I was gone, then they could have played.

You know, it's disturbing that I put more thought into how I would care for a pet I had no intention of adopting than most people put into pets they do get. :-(

I may get a bunny someday, though. It would be fun.

That's a good thing though, to care for your pets. I care for my own dog, Katie, quite deeply. I mean, animal abuse is one of those things that sickens me the most in this world... pets are optional, there is no reason to abuse them.:(

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