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I Think I've Found My Birthday Present...
[Misc] Flowers
So, back when I was an EMT, I had a subscription to the Journal of Emergency Medical Services, which put me on an email list for some other emergency stuff, including FireRescue1. So, today, I was checking my email and I found an offer for $50 off this: a Taser.

As far as I can tell, it's perfectly legal to carry in my state. I'm actually searching case law to see if I've missed anything, because the site claims Tasers are legal in Kentucky based on KRS 500.08. However, that only clarifies what deadly weapons are. I'm trying to see if there were any cases that might have clarified that status....and wow, doesn't that almost make me sound like a law student or something? ;-)

Seriously, if I had a Taser and someone was hiding in my closet waiting to bludgeon me to death with a claw hammer while I slept...well, they wouldn't. (Thank you, Criminal Minds...)

(Honestly, this is sort of amusing. Normal people get emails from Amazon and viagra suppliers, I get offers for Tasers.)

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Oh goodness... please forgive me, but this was the first thing to snap in my mind with the law and the tasers and... >->


The case lookup... makes you sound a BIT like it? Mayhaps? ;D

It's rational fear for the most part at least.D:
I have an imagination, and it's terribly over-active. As in, I watch cheesy zombie movie, I have recurring nightmare about zombies for 5 nights, I run up stairs at night with fear of zombies popping out from the woods behind my house(usually half-asleep when I get irrational). The other nightmare that sucked was the possessed doll one where it just won't DIE no matter what I did to it. I am so thankful I haven't had such nightmares recently.


Oh, Metallic Pink is pretty. And someone suggested I Bedazzle it. ;-)

Sounding like a law student scares me. It means I may eventually sound like a lawyer, and will that really help anyone?

I have the same problem with the overactive imagination. I try not to watch scary stuff often (except for Criminal Minds and Supernatural), but I got freaked out reading the synopsis of the Saw movies.

omg. Tasers! Also, I remember when you were an EMT. Sort of.

*drops off a spleen*

*happily places the spleen in her spleen jar*

I let my certification lapse because of some personal stuff, but I can renew it pretty easily. I keep thinking of doing that. As much as I usually don't hate law school, I still miss all the fun EMT stuff sometimes. You know, like wrecks in rainy weather, not-so-sick old people with insanely demanding children, incompetent staff at nursing homes, 3AM psych calls....

Wait, was I just saying I *missed* that?

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