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[Misc] Flowers
I was going to say that I'm currently downloading La Tale and guess what game is being shown in the ad next to this entry? You guessed it.

Seriously, I'm very excited to try this, but I'm just worried that it'll cause me to do something stupid like sign up for WoW and spend all my time playing that.

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I'm not stupiddddd.:P

Maybe a little.^^;

I hope you like La Tale... though, the population has like quadrupled in the past coupla days.:D

You may not be stupid, but given that I can easily lose an entire afternoon playing [insert video game], I'm a little worried about the wisdom of it for myself. ;-)

Hehe, that can be anyone almost!

You'll be fine, onee-sama.:D

Oh, and let me know your character name once you get one! ToT

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