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Long Day = Long Entry
[Misc] Flowers
And a long day it was. I'm actually not quite sure when it started, because even though I was in bed reading at 1AM Sunday night and asleep around 1:40AM, I literally woke up every hour. (Or was woken up.) 1AM was some drunks coming in who sat in the car for about five minutes blasting music. (And while I wasn't technically asleep, I was relaxing.) 2AM was another drunk loudly throwing a bag of bottles in the trash compactor. I don't know what woke me at 3, 4, or 5, but I kept jerking awake, afraid I'd overslept for my workout.

The alarm finally went off at 5:40AM, so I made it to the gym by 6:05 (5 minutes late) for my evaluation.

First, I really do think I'm going to like working with Jeremy, my trainer. He's very knowledgeable and the warm-up was interesting and different from what I've done before. I warmed up on three different cardio machines and he did some range-of-motion exercises instead of stretching. Well, it was actually active stretching. It reminded me of ballet class.

Then was the fitness evaluation, or at least the cardio and muscle endurance part. Mostly, I'm out of shape. I did a mile and a half on the treadmill and he's supposed to calculate my VO2 based on my time and my ending heartrate. Then I did assissted pull-ups, sit-ups, and modified push-ups to test muscle endurance. This is embarrassing, but I can only do 3 pull-ups with 50% of my bodyweight. and 15 girly push-ups. On the plus side, on the sit-up test, I had no problem with the first exercise he gave me and was able to do them for a full minute without rest or losing tempo, so he gave them a harder set.

I think that's the only thing that didn't make me drown myself in the pool.

Anyway, I do strength tests Thursday, then Jeremy will show me a core workout he wants me to do 6 days a week. He says it will only take 5-10 minutes, but it will get results and get me used to doing something every day. Plus, we'll do the "hard stuff" (in his words) twice a week.

I can see myself making some real progress, especially once I get used to getting in bed earlier.

After my workout and getting ready, I had class. The annoying thing there was that the internet was down on campus, so no internet during class. In addition to not being able to goof off, I also wasn't able to pull up a PDF file I read last night that we were discussing in Cultural Property. It was a huge pain.

Unsurprisingly, I was absolutely exhausted by the time classes were over at 2:15. I was also starving, so I grabbed some vegetable sushi. Fortunately, I only had about two hours worth of reading (25 pages per class for two classes tomorrow), so I got home around 4:30 and was able to get a two hour nap before going to eat.

I went to Panera again for dinner and I remembered why I spent so much time there last winter and spring (I had dinner there at least four days a week). It's so great when the weather starts to cool down and I can go in and order something and then read by the fire for a while. Today, I had the vegetable soup in a sourdough bread bowl and then a brownie for desert.

Speaking of reading, I'm going to start rereading Tamora Pierce's Tortall books again. I've read her Circle of Magic books several times (it took me a long time to pick them up, but I love them, even if they are for a much younger audience). I decided to start picking up copies of the books with the new covers, but I couldn't find the first Alana book, so I got the first Daine book instead (the second quartet). I think Pierce is an amazing author.

Also, I finished up another Birds of Prey graphic novel (it had a lot of guest stars, including Lady Shiva and Wonder Woman). I never picked up DC when I was reading comics a few years ago and I really don't see why. As much as I love and will always love Marvel, DC has some great characters and the more I read, the more I want to read. I picked up the Catwoman When in Rome graphic novel tonight.

Tomorrow is mercifully short day: two classes to attend and two to prep for since Cultural Property is canceled Wednesday). I'm also taking Alley in for her evaluation for doggie daycare tomorrow evening. I really need to do this, especially on Monday and Wednesday, because I just worry about keeping her crated for so long.

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"1AM was some drunks coming in who sat in the car for about five minutes blasting music. (And while I wasn't technically asleep, I was relaxing.)"

AUGHHH. Was it homecoming weekend around where you live?

I despise loud folks when I'm all settled in, it is quite disconcerting.

I am glad that the workout is going well! I need to crack down on myself more on the eating part- sneaking too many snacks!

Only 50 pages of reading? *head breaks* Wow... o_O
I am an odd one though, I usually don't read my text books.>->

I think I've heard of that author of that novel before! I wonder if it's the book my friend in Geoscience had been reading every morning before class at 9:05 AM... which is mainly why I don't remember... not a morning person.>->

I don't think so, but there were also some noisy people last night about 1AM. Grrr....

My eating...yeah, we're not going to talk about that. I need to work on it.

Also, keep in mind that 25 pages of reading takes about an hour to read, so it's pretty dense.

Tamora Pierce is pretty great. She's been around for a while, I believe. She's written something like five quartets, four stand-alone novels, and she's started another trilogy. The great part about her books is they take place in two universes and the characters reappear throughout the books. For instance, the heroine in the Lioness quartet appears as a supporting character in the Immortals quartet and the main characters in both quarters reappear in her Protector of the Small quartet. Then she writes two books that are about the daughter of the main character of the Lioness quarter and her latest Tortall books are about the ancestor of a couple of characters. So the great thing is that even though she doesn't try to keep telling a characters story indefinitely, you get to see the characters grow and evolve. For instance, Alana (the main character in the first trilogy) is about 10 or 11 when the first book starts and her series follows her till she's maybe 20, but she's probably in her mid-thirties in the latest book.

They're also teen books, so they're really easy reads.

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