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[Misc] Flowers
Sometimes I think coming up with journal titles keeps me from actually making entries. That and the insane business. I'm still trying to catch up on stuff I owe various people, comment-wise. I apologize to everyone for being so out of it lately.

First, a complaint about something that's fairly minor, but still annoying. I have an Acer notebook, which works fine for me for the price. (I got it when I realized I need a lighter laptop for class but didn't see any reason to pay a lot of something I'd only use for class.) It has one feature that drives me nuts, though: Whenever I unplug the AC adapter, it turns off my wireless antenna. Granted, I get a warning box and can stop it, but if I don't do it quickly enough, I have to go into the network adviser and click a link to turn the antenna back on. Now, while I see the argument for doing everything reasonable to extend battery life on a laptop, I'm not sure this qualifies. In this day and age, I'd say that the majority of people who are working on an unplugged laptop are using wireless internet. So, it seems to me that they should either offer the option to turn the wireless antenna off when setting up the computer or make it a default to just leave it on.

And this cranky complaint is a lovely segue into my day...

I'm tired. Monday mornings suck because I have to get up at 5:30 to go to the gym, I have trouble getting in bed on Sunday nights (2AM last night), and I don't sleep well on Sunday nights. I think the last problem is the result of the first two problems. I'm so anxious about only getting three hours of sleep or whatever that I pretty much wake up every hour. I've got to work on getting in bed earlier on Sundays, which means not staying up really late and sleeping late on weekends.

My workout was great. I finished my evaluation Thursday, so I got my workout today. It's pretty simple: I'm supposed to come in on my own and lift weights once a week. The program is a circuit with nine exercises that I go through two times (working up to three) with 8-12 reps. He also gave me a short core program (five exercises) that I'm supposed to do five days per week. It has a modified plank. I HATE plank. We haven't gone over cardio yet, but I think I'm also supposed to keep coming in twice a week to do what he termed "fun stuff." Of course, he also referred to the core program as "fun stuff" and it has push-ups and a plank in it. We're supposed to talk about goal setting Thursday, so I'll know more then.

My package also included a series of meetings with a nutritionist. I need to call and get that set up. Overall, I'm more concerned about my eating habits than exercise habits.

Anyway, whining aside... Today went okay. One of my classmates passed me as I was walking to class, so he offered me a ride. We had a nice conversation and found out we're originally from the same area.

The rest was a typical day. We discussed rape in Criminal Law and one of the examples in the reading for Professional Responsibility involved rape. I really hope we don't get into it that much, because I feel like when we do, the issues surrounding rape cause the PR issues we're supposed to be discussing to get pushed out of the way.

And that's about it, except I picked up some stuff for my digital camera today. I'd really like to start taking more pictures and maybe start a flickr account. It seems like a lot of people are doing it lately.

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"I pretty much wake up every hour."

I do that when I'm really nervous about waking up too.D:

A new boy? Good prospects?;-)

I wish I had a good digital camera, or heck, if I could find my own that'd be cool. I dunno what features Flickr offers, but I usually just used photobucket.:)

It's frustrating to have already limited sleep disrupted by that. It was really rough during finals. I was so worried about oversleeping that I didn't sleep well the night before any of my finals.

And it wasn't like that. He was just being a nice classmate. ;-) (It would be nice if one would just drop into my lap like that, though. Preferably Dean from Supernatural...)

I've been using photobucket, too, but I was reading a book on photo blogs and the author was really big on flickr. Apparently, it has a better community and offers more on the free account. I may use both and see which I like better.

The same author was talking about how quality of camera didn't necessarily make a big difference, since she got some of her best shots on really cheap cameras. Mine isn't anything impressive...It's a little Sony Cybershot, so we'll see how much camera quality matters.

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