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[Misc] Flowers
Once again, wireless internet is out on campus. We've had this problem off and on for two weeks tomorrow. Either it won't connect or it only connects to certain sites. It's actually reached the point that an Associate Dean sent an email out that included this:

One last note, it serves no purpose, other than to show one’s unprofessionalism to write notes on Brad and Jay’s white board (outside their office area) that say things like “Fix this Shit”

No one is more dedicated in this building to helping students than Brad and Jay, please have some courtesy and act with a degree of professionalism which budding lawyers should always display, and refrain from writing nasty notes like this.

Now, while I mostly agree with that, I also see where the note-writer was coming from. It's completely ridiculous to be able to access things like Facebook and Craigslist, but not Westlaw (including their TWEN site where professors post course materials and assignments) and campus email (again, assignments and other relevant stuff). Today, I had to go from the third floor of the building down to the first floor of the library to use one of the computer lab's computers to access the internet for assignments, then go back up to the second floor of the library to read for PR and then go back up to the third floor lounge to get my Wills book out of my locker and back down to the second floor of the library again. I know it's not that inconvenient, but it does defeat the purpose of carrying a laptop to class.

Hmm...I didn't mean to be that snarky.

Anyway, I went to the Advocacy Society informational meeting today. Very short, but interesting. Yesterday, several of us waited for about half an hour at noon for someone to show up to do Wills training for a clinic later this month, but no one ever made it, so we can't help out with the clinic.

I should check on the divorce one, though...

They just released the spring schedule, so I need to check that out. I know I'll have to take the second part of Con law and I should probably get Criminal Procedure and Evidence out of the way (they're required). Beyond that, I'm not sure what I'll take, but my Crim Law professor is offering a Death Penalty course that could be interesting.

Also, I am very annoyed that they aired the presidential debate instead of Criminal Minds. I love that show. I'm further annoyed that all the lights on the landings in my apartment building are off, which means that it's completely dark outside.

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Ouch. Campus internet sucks here too.:)

My laptop is in a state of disrepair though. Still! I get it back for Thanksgiving break.

If that's your idea of snark, wow! It's so polite.o-o

Yeah, presidential debates! Did you catch any of it? It does really suck when it takes over programming.:(

Yuck. Still don't have the laptop back, huh? I'm thinking about getting some more memory put in my laptop, but I really can't afford to lose it for a week or so... And while I know that it's fairly easy to do yourself, I'm so busy I don't really feel like getting into it.

I can get snarkier. Definitely.

I didn't watch it. I'm so used to having everything Tivoed (well, it's just a DVR in my apartment) that I don't really watch the time anymore when it comes to TV. So, I ended up reading about Wills and Trusts.

Hmm... if you take the Death Penalty class, I could give you the real story so you could argue with all the idealists in class. ;)

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