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I Can Has Friendship Bat?
[Misc] Flowers
First, I rode yesterday. It went really well. I also talked to Becky and that went well as well. We'll see what happens.

Danielle and I were going to go to a movie tonight, but I was running behind on stuff this afternoon and no movies really jumped out, so we just went shopping and out to eat. It was a pretty fun trip

We did the usual stuff: Sam Goody, Books-a-Million, GameStop, and Wal-Mart (I needed a USB memory card reader). We both got a few things while we were out, but the highlight of the trip was the friendship bats.

Yes, you read it correctly. We were looking at the Webkinz at Sam Goody and I found a bat. I showed it to Danielle and, while she was looking at it, I picked up another. We were debating on getting them, then I jokingly said, "We could both get one, then they'd be friendship bats."

That was all it took for us to decide this was a good idea.

So, we bought said bats and hers is called Bruce and mine is Barbara. (And I hope at least a few of you will get that reference.) In hindsight, though, we should have exchanged the bats after we bought them to make them truly friendship bats, but we'll know that for the next time.

We also found this really weird manga and novel called Goth. I'm not sure how to explain it, but here's part of the description on the back: "Psychologically twisted and emotionally wrenching, this compelling story takes Japan's horror tradition to a whole new level of fear." I bought the novel, Danielle bought the manga, and we're going to switch later. So, we'll see how it is. If it's really disturbing, I can always read the new Kitchen Princess I bought yesterday.

And now for Mr. Numberline...

Danielle and I were discussing classes for next semester (she's undergrad) while we were waiting for our food. She has to take a math course that requires a pre-test. She had some questions about working with negative numbers. Basically, she was having a little trouble wrapping her mind around the concept, so she wasn't able to understand how they behaved. For instance, she was confused about the difference between (-4)-3 and (-4)(-3). After trying to think of a good concrete example to explain their behavior, I finally grabbed the place mat (we were at Steak and Shake), flipped it over, drew a number line and said "Okay, this is Mr. Number Line."

So, while we were sitting there waiting for our food at about 9:30 on a Saturday night, I'm giving an impromptu math lesson. (My degrees may be in English and Poli Sci, but I did quite a few science and math courses.) I think she got it, but we're going to meet sometime so she can go over the pre-test her adviser gave her and I can help her if she gets stuck.

I felt like a huge geek, though. :-)

So, that's the story of the friendship bats and Mr. Number Line.

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*giggles* I know. Isn't it great?

Yay friendship bats!

Sounds like it was a truly fun day.:)

Negative numbers ARE evil... :P I got a C in Math 101 though... but honestly, for me it was new stuff since we skipped it in high school.:p

It was a fun day. And everyone should have friendship bats. They're awesome.

I really started getting math when I started doing chem and physics. I mean, negative numbers make sense there because they actually stand for something. Once you get that they are real things and the rules that govern them actually have meaning and aren't just some abstract nit-picky things, it gets a lot easier.

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