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I Love It
[Misc] Flowers

This was on my YouTube recommendations today. I haven't seen the anime, but the video is wonderful and I love the song.

Now I want a Code Monkey.

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Ah, Jonathan Coulton. A lot of his songs are really rad.:)

So he has more good stuff? I'll have to check it out. I'm also very interested in the way he licenses his songs. He uses Creative Commons, which apparently gives a lot of rights to the public, so this song is used legally in the AMV. I don't know a lot about it, so I'm not going to say I like it, but I think it's something I'd be very behind if there isn't some hidden catch.

Oh yes. Oh, yes. I personally love his song about Ikea.:p

He did a thing called "Song a week", and a lot of them are available to listen for free on his website. Other than what is free, I think his songs cost like, 99 cents each.

That's really cool about the gaming commons thing. Jonathan is really popular on the nerdy scene, and seems to be a really nice guy- so it's not too surprising.:)

I'll have to check them out, then. I think that sort of license is good for fans *and* artists, because I know that I've bought several songs that I've "found" while watching Youtube videos.

What's your opinion on Stephen Lynch?

I really like Stephen Lynch as well.:)

"What If That Guy from Smashing Pumpkins Lost His Car Keys?" is one of my favorites from his "Superhero" album, and of course "Gay".:P

"Gay" is awesome. And don't forget "Love Song."

Ah, I just listened to "Love Song". It was so hilarious.XD

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